Saturday, December 8, 2012

december daily...the beginning

ah. december daily.
for those of you that don't know
what december daily is,
it is a little album that is put together
to remember all of the fun things that take
place during this festive, busy month.
check out this blog post from ali edwards.
you can see her entire album and a little blurp.
you can also find many more posts
and photos of december dailys on her blog.
she is the queen of december daily.

many people in the creative world 
take part in this little project 
and document it on their blogs.
i have attempted to do a december daily
for a few years. 
i end up doing a couple of pages, and i quit. 

the whole point of the little album is to
do all of the foundation pages ahead
of time and then you just add 
your pics and memorabilia.
for me, that is quite a challenge.
it's like scrapping without the pictures.

vera decided to come over last weekend
and we committed to creating this album.
it took me a while to get into the groove.
i had no clue where to start.
without pictures, it is so hard for me to create.
after a few hours, i got rolling and it got really fun.

i didn't quite finish the cover
and i stopped my foundation pages on the 20th.
c'mon guys i couldn't create the 5 most
important pages/days without the pics.
i just couldn't.

here are some shots of the 
foundation pages
and day one.

i love being able to put just about anything in this album.
i plan on being aware and keeping lots of little
random tidbits from the days of this month.
i am hoping to have some time tomorrow
to catch up and do days 2-8.

this is what my table looks like right now.

those little piles have been calling my name
every time i come in my scrap room.
this week has been SUPER busy
and tonite i am looking forward
to a little christmas extravaganza
in the burke home with our favorite three little peeps.
can't wait to snap some pics for my album :)

will be back soon with more december daily goodness.

until next time

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