Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year...New Blog

well. once again, a new blog. i know i keep switching. but, i just wanted a fresh, new blog.

so, 2011 is FINALLY over. and, what do i have to say?

yes. peace out! i could sit here and say all kinds of jargon about how it was a great year and i am so sad to see it go, but, instead, i will be HONEST. i hated 2011. when i say hated, i mean HATED. for me, 2011 was a year of loss. there were numerous losses this past year. there was tons of heartache and it felt like my entire life was completely out of my control. i will not sit here and give it anymore attention but i am so happy to see it go. i know that later i will look back on 2011 and realize that god was molding me and my life and that it was a year necessary for growth, but, boy! i am so happy to be moving right along.

with that said, HELLO 2012! i am so happy u made it. and, Happy New Year to everyone. i hope that your holidays were lovely. i am excited for this year. i am looking forward to healing and restoration and pure joy.

shane and i have made it a year into our marriage and i can honestly say it's been a blast lately. we are having fun just living our lives and flying by the seats of our pants. there is lovely talk of a new home and we are looking forward to some good stuff this year.

i am teaching again. lord don't get me started on my career. it's been a whirlwind. but, for now, i am teaching first grade at schriever elementary. i love the people there and it feels good to work with some great people.

i miss creating. so much. the creative side of my life has been on hiatus and that is NOT a good thing. over the holidays, i have had so much time to spend on decorating, scrapping, reading, and doing all of those things that nurture the soul. i am definately looking forward to being able to spend more time doing all of those things that i love and that are so good to me.

i am hoping to be able to keep it up with this little blog too. i definately don't plan on holding back this year on my blog. i have been scoping out tons of blogs these last few days trying to get a handle on exactly the kind of blog that i want to have.

i am going to really just let this little thing be my journal. i am going to post whatever the heck is on my mind or whatever is inspiring me at the moment. i hope you enjoy it and come back to visit often. i may get personal or cheesy or random, but, it is just going to be whatever is in my head when i sit down to write. i also started a small journal of blogging ideas and i am looking forward to play around on here.

hoping you had a beautiful monday! i must leave to go write some lesson plans.


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  1. I always love to hear from you and see your beautiful and funny pictures. Best of luck with your new blog!