Tuesday, January 3, 2012


hello all! let me start by saying thank you so much for the kind words about the blog. i got lots of emails and messages telling me how happy you guys were that i was blogging again and i just wanted to say thanks. it's nice to hear people happy that i'm blogging because i'm happy too.

well i have tons of work to do tonite so i am only here with a quick little post. it is a...

yes ladies uh um and any gents that might be reading.. it's a do it yourself. it's nothing dramatic or hard to do. it's quite simple but can be just the right touch when you are in a pickle.

here's how it started, shane and i got a caricature done in Chicago and i wanted to frame it and put it somewhere in our little abode. I didn't want some boring frame or boring look for it. i wanted something fun and unique of course. however, i couldn't find a funky, cool frame that fit the caricature and my vision. soooooo, here's the alternative.

what i used:

-caricature (whatever you are framing)
-canvas board (like 2 bucks at Hobby Lobby in the painting section) size will vary depending on what you are framing
-paint (Hobby Lobby)
-foam paintbrush
-lace (any fabric store) i used 1/2 a yard, size would vary depending on frame
-craft glue (i use beacon 3 in 1)
-frame of choice (not pictured)

step one:
cut board to size necessary to mat the back of the photo and fill the frame.

step two:
cover the canvas board in paint using the foam paintbrush. (coat of paint does not have to be perfect or heavy.)

step three:
cut lace to cover canvas board.

step four:
cover canvas board with lace. glue the lace down where the picture will be covering it. (that way you can be messy.)

step five:
lay picture where you want it to be placed and glue it to lace/board.

step six:
place the whole sheebang in the frame and close it up.

the result....

 a cute little unique frame thang. it wasn't totally my vision for our caricature but i like the way it came out. i like the contrast of the silly caricature, the delicate lace, and the plain, rough wood.

and here's a photo of where it hangs in our abode.

this is a tiny collage wall at the top of our stairs. it will be an everchanging section. i wanted something quirky and casual here. the caricature wil remain but the other pieces are antique metal family photos, vintage prints, and an old book page that will be forever changing. they are secured to the wall with masking tape..just for fun.

so there was my first take at a DIY.
hope you enjoyed.

have a lovely day tomorrow.
sweet dreams.


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