Monday, July 2, 2012


hey guys.

i've been so absent from this little blog of mine.

life has been so busy. good busy. 

i hate that it's so hard for me to keep up with my little blog.

so here's what's going on on our end of the world.


i am enjoying my new job.

working for Retail Therapy and FunkyJunk here in thibodaux.

doing lots of things there.

mostly the creative side of things.

this new job was def sent from the big man upstairs.

i am sad to leave teaching but i know it's what is meant to be.

here's a peek at a part of my job.

i am enjoying playing with the camera and taking pictures 
of the lovely things that renee creates.

she's super talented and so much fun to work with.

when she contacted me months ago,
i tried to fight it.

however, god had other plans and i decided to listen.

thankful that i did.


i am trying my hardest to get back into a running routine.

i need to.

i love running.

i love how i feel while running.

i love what it does for my body.

i know it will take a while for me to get back into the gym everyday.

but i sure am trying.


i am enjoying my husband.


we have been trying to spend more time together.

when we can.

we've just been not taking anything too serious.

being a little more ridiculous.

not really paying attention to the real world.

getting lost in our own.


i've been moving stuff around the apartment.

playing with decor.

i will not lie.

i am getting a little restless here.

we are def ready for a house.

we thought we found our dream home a couple of months ago.

however, after further inspection,
that home would have been way too much of a project.

we are contemplating building.

either way, i can't wait to decorate.


i have been dying to scrap.

just plain old school scrapbooking.

i ordered way too much stuff from two peas last night.

tons of paper.

planning on cleaning out my stuff this week.

sent my check for girls gone crafty today.

can not wait!

can not!

i may start packing this week.


been so inspired to do as much as i can for the kingdom of god.

dying to be the person he desires.

dying to do the things he created me for.

desperately want to please him.

i am overwhelmed by his love.

it makes me want to love others like he loves.

i am trusting him and allowing him to take over my life.


cherishing time with my fam.

i could go on for hours about these four people.

they are my life.

i adore them and our time together.

i am enjoying seeing where the roads of life are taking all of us.

watching the will of god play out.

praying that he keeps his hands on us at all times.


trying to live like these three gorgeous kiddos.

they enjoy everything.

they love every aspect of life.

there are no concerns or worries.

i am taking notes.

living each day to the fullest.

looking for the positive.


a lot.

not taking very much seriously.

getting back to the old me.

i am truly at the best place.

so at peace.

so grateful for my life.

looking forward to seeing what's ahead.


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