Friday, April 6, 2012

all about SMASH

this post is all about the SMASH book.
i have been getting loads of messages asking questions about the SMASH book and i decided to do a blog post about it.
i am absolutely no expert,
but i have become super obssesed with these books
and am acquiring quite a SMASH stockpile.

okay, so, what is a SMASH book.
the SMASH book comes in a variety of colors and styles.
each book has a different "theme" to it.
i own the cream one (wedding one), red one (doodle style),
orange one (simple style), and the turquiose one (mod style).
each book has different styles of paper inside.
there are photographs, titles, prints,
and other random stuff on the pages.
the whole idea behind the SMASH book
is to be like an "old school" style scrapbook.
you know, where you just stick whatever the heck you want in it.
here's a peek inside some of the books.

these are from the orange one (simple style) (kinda my fave):

these are from the cream one (wedding style):

 these are from the red one (doodle style):

i love all the cute little touches in each book.
do not be afraid to tear pages out or to glue pages together.
there are pages in each book that
i really don't like or that i just don't want to use.
i have ripped some of them out
and glued some of them together.

here are some of the other goodies
that can be purchased to use in the SMASH book:

these are dividers.
they are new releases and i haven't used these yet.
however, i am so pumped to put these cuties in my newest book.

this is the tape.
i have every style.
love love love the tape.
it's super easy to put down
 and move and bend and fold.
great when you need just a
touch of somethin else.

these are the tabs.
there are a variety of colors and styles.
some of them have pictures,
some of them are plain,
some have cute little sayings or captions.
these are great for jotting down little details.

these are the journaling notebooks.
they come in oodles of different styles.
they are so super cute.
there are different little
prompts and designs in each one.
so far, my two fave ones are
the red one (favorite person)
and the yellow one (blank).

and lastly,
these are the pockets and the little bags.
i haven't used these yet.
they are for stuffing with things
you may not want seen.
or for things that aren't
that cute but worth remembering.
you just jam em in these.

so now that i've shown you product,
here's a peek at my completed book.
i chose to do shane and i
from thanksgiving of 2011 to now.
we went to chicago in december
so most of the book is from that trip.
however, i do plan on the rest of our books
being just very random pieces of our everyday life.
stuff that we may not always remember.
little pieces of the normal day to day that
us and our future kiddos may enjoy looking at.

this is the cover of my first one.

it's super simple.
this entire book is super simple.
i was just kinda getting the feel of the SMASH :)
i plan on playing with more techniques
and getting a lil more creative in my next one.
but, the whole point of these is to just be able to stick down
whatever the heck you want.
remember that.

the inside of my book ended up being super thick.
i am not one who can scrapbook without dimensions.

i used stuff like fabric, lace, doilies,
and tons of other scrapbooking products in the book.
i def didn't limit myself to only SMASH products.
i also used instagram and instax photos.
i added stuff like tickets, receipts, tags off of clothing,
and other random memoribilia from our lives.

on this page i even used a piece of our plate from sprinkles cupcakes.
it was too cool not to use.
and yes, i made shane stuff the plates in my purse.
never put anything past a scrapper/crafter.
we will keep anything and everything. :)

i journaled a lot about the feelings and thoughts from the trip.
i was honest and gave lots of details about what was happening
and what each photo didn't show.

it was super super fun completing this book.
shane loves it.
and everyone that comes over
quickly picks it up off of our coffee table.
it's such a fun way to document your life
without having to do a dramatic scrapbook.

here's where i got my SMASH stuff:

i'm sure it's available many other places.
you just have to look.

i hope this helped inform everyone about what SMASHing is
and how you can approach it.

i will be sure to share my next few books as soon as they get underway.
you can also check out these two websites:

(this is by the company that created
SMASH where people share their books)

(this is a blog article by scrapbook designer,
elizabeth kartchner, about SMASHing,
you can search her blog because
i think she has a couple more articles
about her SMASH book)

happy SMASHing :)


  1. Thanks! My friend is making a smash book about her friends' travels on their anniversary trip. It's going to be such a nice gift!

  2. Thanks for sharing Ashley!!! I look forward to seeing more of your work in these books. I have the pink and orange one. So far I did 4 pages in the pink one, totally random and not in date order..which is hard for me because my scrapbooks are all in chronilogical order. Thanks for the sharing the other sites, I will be sure to check them out.

  3. Why does it not surprise me that we are both Obsessed with SMASH??? I saw these at Target and HAD to have it and all the cute lil things that come with it!!! It is also going to become one of my very favorite gifts to give! They are sooooo cute! Unlike you, I have not started mine yet because I am packing for the move....
    I still have some old childrens books for you over here. Going to probably drop them off at your house because I don't plan on bringing them with me to Plaq.