Monday, July 9, 2012

just wanna scrap...

all i wanna do is scrap.

the problem with that is 
i feel like i have forgotten how.

before the store
and when i had the store,
i was so into scrapping.

i knew all about product,
techniques, trends, designers, companies,

i definitely feel out of the loop with all of that.
i miss scrapping so much.

i miss knowing all about that stuff.
and, lately, all i wanna do is scrap.

i just registered for Girls Gone Crafty.
it's a weekend of scrapping
that takes place in Houma.
i am so excited for it.
i absolutely can not wait 
to scrap for three whole days.

i have been working on SMASH books 
for the past few months so i plan on 
doing tons of layouts at GGC.

i just ordered lots of great stuff
from two peas 
and i had planned to scrap all day today.
i ended up being sick all day,
so, that didn't happen.

tonite, i spent some time 
poking around the internet looking
at different sites and blogs
just to get a taste 
of what's going on in the scrap world these days.

here are some layouts that i found
that i love.

 by Marcy Penner

by Jen Jockish

by gluestick girl

by Amy Tangerine

by Kimberly Stewart

by Tara Anderson

definitely some lovely
work that is very inspiring.

this week,
i am hoping to, maybe,
do a few layouts
and then start a huge cleaning and purging
in my scrap room.
i am also considering a small makeover.
i want to change up the furniture 
and some of the things that i use to organize my stuff.

i have been seeing some super inspiring studios lately
and it has me itching to do a facelift.
i am planning a trip to my fave stores this weekend
to find some stuff for this little room of mine.

i would love for your guys to share how
you organize your stuff.
i like stuff that is pretty and practical.
it feels that doesn't really exist.

happy scrapping.

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  1. I'm starting to use the Scraprack method without the Scraprack! It's based on dividing your supplies into alphanumeric, rainbow, calendar, and themes. I've combined calendar and themes in my system. I've still got a long way to go, but it really makes sense. You put things where you will think about them.