Friday, July 13, 2012

in my scrap room...

if you walked into my scrap room right now,
you would see a big ole mess.

there is a pile of new and old
and pics and food
and paper and stickers
and everything else
on my table.

yes i know.
its a BIG pile.

i've kinda been buying a lot of new stuff.
i've kinda been keeping a lot of old stuff.
it's kinda all just piling up there.

you would also see
drawers opened.
papers piled.
smash books smashed.
and everything just spilling over and a mess.

so with that being said,
i'm sure you're thinking
lots of creating has been happening over here.
um no.
here is all that has been made.

oh yes ladies and gents,
(if there are any gents)
one layout.

that is my sweet godchild ella.
i finished her first year scrapbook
for her birthday party.
i hadn't completed a few layouts
and i'm trying to wrap those up.

i do like how this one came out.
but, i feel like i have forgotten how to do this.
does anyone else feel like that?
i mean really it's like i was completely foreign
to the act of scrapping.

tonite, i am locking myself in that scrap room
and not coming out until i remember how.
i am even considering a little scrap lifting
to get me back into the groove.
normally, i would never.
it's almost kinda a sin. 
but desperate times
call for desperate measures.

look at this layout.
isn't it lovely.
i love it so much.
i may need to scrap lift it :)

layout by Ursula.

so i'm headed to starbucks for a cup
of inspiration.
hoping it works.


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  1. ASh! I too have had some issues with scrapping. I have this beautiful new home with this huge, new and improved scrap room and yet... No motivation, totally feeling like a novice. Then this week, a scrap friend texted that she was coming all day to play and that did it for me! I am now back into my mojo. Scrapping is like riding a bike. Once you start and totally challenge yourself not to come out, it will come back to you and don't worry about the scraplifting part as you will still change it up to be your own. Good luck as today I am doing the same, going to take a long leisurely coffee break this am, looking at many scrap blogs this am then going in there and not coming out until the sun starts going down and it's time to cast the line in the back yard. Good luck... I miss you!