Friday, November 16, 2012 decor version

we decorated for christmas last weekend.
it was extremely late for us.
we normally put the tree up in october.
we just hadn't been able to get around to it yet.
we are thinking this will be our last christmas
in the apartment.
definitely a good thing in a way.
when we unpacked the decorations,
i had no idea how much stuff we had.
i have been picking up things here and there.
those things really added up.
needless to say, we didn't get to put a lot
of the decorations out. 
we just don't have the room.
it's okay though, because,
when we do,
i'll be ready.
here are some peeks
at our decor.
instagram style.

as usual there were lots of grand plans to make things.
to create things.
it just didn't happen.
in the end, a wreath from target just seemed
much better than spending hours making something.
i just don't have the time.
i rather focus on enjoying the season.
this year, i would much rather
lay on the couch and watch a christmas movie.
as always, christmas is magic.
love the way the apartment feels with the tree up.

in other news, 
shane and i are heading to disney world tomorrow.
we are going with my 
mom, future sis in law, and very good friend.
will post pics when we return!

have a great weekend!

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