Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 things i love...inspiring spaces

it looks like we will be 
closing on the house
as early as next week.

i still don't believe that
it's real yet. 
i am super excited.
however, all of my ideas
and inspiration are
keeping me up at night.

i am so thrilled to decorate
and make the space ours.
i know my lack of patience
will not help with this move.
we have some remodeling to do
in the kitchen, bathrooms, and
space upstairs.
we also have lots of painting.

i know i will have to be patient
and wait until we have the funds 
and time to finish all of our
projects but boy i'm so ready
to be in and be done.
in a perfect world, right.

here is a ten things i love
filled with spaces that are
inspiring me tons.


found here.
i absolutely love elsie larson's
pony wall.
i love her style. she takes risks
and isn't afraid to mix pieces 
from just about every era. 
and check out her 
stained glass window.


found here.
love Rachel Denbow's old creative space.
love the colors and the easy,
carefree feel.


found here.
you have to love this.
tons of books.
such an impact. 
hoping for some pretty space to
display my very small


found here.
this space is sooooo pretty.
that mantle.
the display on that mantle.
the couch.
the table.
all of it.
i love all of it.


found here.
loving this closet display.
we are converting a bedroom
into a huge closet in the house.
i am trying to figure out
how on earth 
we are going to make it look.
i have absolutely no clue
what i want to do.
i definitely don't want it 
to be too boring.
thinking of maybe
copy catting this.


found here.
this is beyond pretty.
i am pretty obsessed with animals
on the wall and antlers right now.
i am also obsessed with fireplaces
and mantles.
i want to paint our mantle 
a fun color but,
at the same time,
don't want to do anything
that will look silly with 
seasonal decor.
so many choices.


found here.
this studio space is so good.
i mean she incorporated
books into her shelving.
it rocks!
i have absolutely no vision
for my creative space.
it will probably be last on the 
list of spaces to complete
so i will continue to gather
inspiration and hope
that it comes together.


found here.
love this nursery space.
lots of white with pops of color.
maybe, later in the future,
much later,
we will have a nursery space.
still love the design scheme here.


found here.
this kitchen space is so perfect.
love the vintage incorporated.
love the urban, worn out feel.
i can't wait to have a big,
roomy kitchen.
maybe i will end up cooking.
um....maybe not.
but, either way,
i hope to have a pretty 
kitchen to look at.


found here.
this dining space.
look at the twigs
and the chandelier.
the entire mix is done so well.

i definitely have my work cut out for me.
i am just having trouble deciding where to start.
and paint colors, lord help me.
i am drawn to lots of white walls
i want to add other touches
and our decor is so random.
i just don't want to get tired
of all of that white.

oh well,
hope you had a happy tuesday.
i'm looking forward to the weekend
i need a nap.

be back soon...

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