Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 we are neck deep in our move.
the closing date has gotten pushed back
hoping that's the one and only.
we are supposed to close monday now.
i am having some trouble
focusing on all that needs to be done.
the crazy person in me can only
think of decorating and decorating only.
there are so many other things
that need to take priority over that
but that is all that's on my brain.

i'm having trouble coming up
with some kind of plan.
when you have moved,
what did you do?
did you plan each room?
did you let stuff land where it may?
did you buy new furniture?
did you spruce up your old?
i'm so unsure about all i want to do
and so feel like i need a plan or list.
i am a list person.

and the paint.
lord the paint.
like i said,
i keep being drawn to white,
i'm so nervous that the white
will make it feel like we are still
any advice from all you people
who have moved,
built, or bought
a home would be welcomed.

i am dreaming of vintage.
i went antiquing last weekend,
i know, with all the packing i have to
do that's the last thing i should be doing.
i went to find supplies for my closet
renovation but left without that.

i got this awesome piece for a great price.
i repeat great price.

it will find a home in my kitchen.


i haven't been seeing my boo.
he's been working.
i've been working.
our paths have crossed
very few times lately.
i hate when it gets like that.
with his job, 
there are many days when 
we are coming and going at
different times and we barely see each other.

we were able to go to church
together a few weekends ago
and then went eat and hit up target.
it was fun.
it's the little things
that i enjoy with him.

we got this cute photo
that i have plans for in our new bedroom.

i've been wanting to blog tons.
i've been reading artful blogging.
i love that mag. 

it's full of blogging inspiration.
i will someday spruce this blog up
and be more consistent.
for now,
it will serve it's purpose
as a journal.

i recently went back and looked
at old posts from my blog years ago.
it's crazy how my life has changed.
it's crazy how much i have changed.
i think that's what i love most
about blogging.
it helps to keep track of your life
and the random little memories
and thoughts.

i'm hoping to have lots
of before and afters,
and maybe a few DIY things
once i bust loose in that house.
hoping that will add more

i've been using my keurig.
oh yes indeed.
almost every morning.
and i'm liking it.
i have been drinking the blonde roast 
from starbucks and it rocks.
i know it's so silly to blog
about that but my family is always
ragging on me about my starbucks intake,
so there!
i can drink coffee from home.

i am so in love with the big man
i am so at peace.
with my life,
my path, the place i am in.

that is huge for me to say.
i have always struggled with inner peace.
it's crazy how the more you give him
the more peace it brings.
even for a control freak like me,
giving him the control has proven to be 
the biggest blessing.
he is so so good.
so good.
my life is far from perfect.
so am i,
but boy he just continues
to wrap me in his arms and
let me know he's got my back.

hope i didn't bore you all to tears.
i know the post is so random,
but, oh well, that's the blog.

happy happy wednesday!


  1. Love!!! Jared and I went with a very neutral tanish color all over the entire house do that in the event we change our look or deco the paint could stay...we have like 11ft ceilings in part of our house that we paid to have professionally painted so that must stay a while!! lol

    You cant EVER be completely packed and ready to the end of the day we were not even using boxes, we were just throwing things in the car in an attempt to just hurry and get in our new home!!!

    It will all work out!!! Like you, i am still in awe of the house god TRULY had picked out JUST for me!!!! I know it was a gift from him and everyday I am soooooooo thankful!! At times it is overwhelming!!

    I really cant wait to see what you do with everything!!!!

    Love Ya,

  2. Ash, having moved 7 times in my married life, I have found that moving in and unpacking with nothing set in stone right away has worked for me. I live in the home for a lil bit, get the feeling of the house, it's life, and then what I need to do comes to me easily. Everything finds its place. Sometimes I would dream of something and the next day put it into place. The great thing about it being yours is A) nothing is permanent and everything can be changed.
    B) you will forever be growing and changing and the home will do that with you. I have found in the past to paint neutral to start, just to give everything a fresh, new look and once livnig in it for a while the color comes to me and my dear HOBL comes with his brushes and paints whatever I ask him to. Thankfully he not only loves painting but paints better than a professional, I swear his lines without taping are phenomenal! It's going to be so much fun so don't stress on it. Let the life of the house speak to you. So excited!