Sunday, January 6, 2013

so it's the time for resolutions...

so it's that time of year again. 
the new year. 
a chance for a bit of a new beginning.
i must say, i have said i was
excited for the last two new years,
but, this one, i'm thrilled about.

2013 seems like it will be the year
that god has been setting the scene for.
i feel like this will be the year
that things just fall into place.
i am believing that
and having faith for that to happen.
so, here's a little list of 
if you would like to call them that.
i will call them my mini goals.
i know that everyone makes these
and they tend to stick for a month
or so and then by february
when reality is in full swing,
the excitement 
of the resolutions
is gone.
i am hoping that this year, it's different.
i am determined to make this year different.

here ya go,
some things i plan to work on.

work out, eat healthy.
definitely the most common.
definitely so so important.
i will yet again, begin weight watchers.
hoping to squeeze in morning runs
and do afternoon workouts.
gonna sign up for koko fit club.
want a new gym.
want a change.

read my bible.
i must make the time for this.
every. single. day.
no excuses.
i need to be fed with that
sweet word. everyday.

one night a week
at starbucks.
okay this sounds retarded
but i want to make one night 
a week to go and sit 
at starbucks and read.
a book.
blogs i follow.
i just want to make more time
to read and it's 
easiest for me to focus
and relax at starbucks.

create more.
i need to.
i say it all the time.
it always seems to fall through.
i want to make more time 
to make stuff though.
it's good for the soul.

find our dream home.
find it.
figure out if we are building it.
get our home!!
definitely one of the top priorities.
(hoping more to come soon!)

date nights.
we never have any anymore.
we used to always have date nights.
they are so fun.
to get dressed up, go eat,
spend quality time together.
we don't ever anymore.
we need to make time for
date nights again.

don't overwhelm myself.
don't sweat the small stuff.
this is especially important
when it comes to teaching.
i need to remind myself to 
get done what can and let the rest
wait until the next day.

take more pictures
with my new camera.
i definitely want to use my 
DSLR more. 
i always take pics with my phone.
i need to get the big whopper
out too though. 
i am doing a 365 project to 
help with that.
you can read more about
that here.

well that's it for now.
i think those are the most important.
the ones that i'm lacking.
the ones that need work.

i am looking forward to the 
sweet plans of the big man.
i trust him.

so, welcome 2013.
hoping you are all off to a great start.


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  1. My resolutions sound very much like yours except for the house one, did that in 2012.... Miss you and the store as there I received my creative boost... but I have this fabulous scrap room in this house and have not used it to it's full potential... gotta do that! love and miss you, Ash!