Thursday, January 10, 2013

thank you jesus...

bought this book the day after christmas.
i tend to buy old books that have cool titles
or are a pretty color
and worn out just right.
definitely thought in the back of my mind,
while buying it,
i hope this is the year of our dream home.
toasted at midnight on new years to our dream home.
had no clue the good lord would answer so quickly.

we have been house hunting for about 3 years.
since we got engaged.
we found a house that we really liked
in july before we got married.
we put in an offer that was accepted,
began the process with all of the paperwork
and waited to close. 
july turned into august,
august into september and before we knew it,
it was the end of november, 8 days before our wedding,
and we hadn't closed.
all of our paperwork was up so we decided
to just step away from the house and trust that god
had a plan.

we continued to hunt every single night online.
we went to look at a few houses that we
"kinda liked"
then came the house on 7th.
it was lovely.
it was old, full of charm,
and i fell in love.
i prayed a specific prayer about it,
and i really thought it was the one.
well, it turned out not to be.

i have always felt god had something for us.
by the end of the year, 
shane and i had pretty much come to 
the realization that we would have to build.
the thought of building drove me nuts.
the thought of us having to find a lot,
having loads of money to have to put
down on a new construction loan,
just the whole mess,
i did not wanna do it.

so shane texted me one day,
hey did you see that house for sale
on goode street.
i said no.
he said well go look at it.
i did.
i will be honest. 
it didn't jump out as anything spectacular.
the price was less than ideal.
it just didn't seem too appealing.
shane continued talking to me about it.
he kept asking me to go look at it.
i just blew it off.
eventually, he made an appointment
for jan. 1st to go see it.
i hesitantly agreed.

when we walked in,
i loved it.
in the pics online, the owner was
living there and her decor
just didn't allow you to see the house's
when we went to look at it,
it was empty and absolutely perfect.
it is full of charm.
the good lord ended up lining everything
up just as he had planned and we are now
in the process of buying it.
if all goes smoothly,
we should close in a few weeks.

i am thrilled.
i am grateful for our unanswered prayers.
i am in awe of what god has given us.
i am in awe of how it all worked out.
i am so thrilled to move in and start making it ours.

there is definitely a list of things we want to do.
lots of painting, work to the kitchen and bathrooms,
and tons and tons of special touches to add.
but, it is all very exciting.

here are a few peeks at the house.

i love the floors, the molding, that little nook under the stairs,
and that precious china cabinet in the dining room.

i understand that it isn't quite ours yet but i had to share
with you guys.
i am just bursting with excitement.
if something were to happen and
we wouldn't get it, i will still love this little house
and trust the good lord to send what he has.

thanks for the love and support and prayers.
i can't wait to give a grand tour when it is 
all done.

hope you are having a great week.
tomorrow's friday.

until next time...

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  1. Oh Ash!!!! That home has your name written all over it and I know Shane is happy when you are happy, recreating this home into your dream will be so much fun to watch! So glad you have this blog as we can bask in His glory with you, I am sooo excited for you and cannot wait for you! I see that home will need the pitter, patter of little feet... that is your home, Ash! love you!