Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a layout...step by step

i often get the question,
how do you scrapbook.
i know, as a scrapper,
it is always
fun to learn the process
that other scrappers use
to complete a layout.

so, today,
while creating,
i documented each step.
here is a layout...
step by step.

the first thing i always do is
pick my pictures.
i do not ever scrap in 
an order or rarely have 
a plan on what i will scrap.
these are some pics
of lu from disney.
usually, if i choose multiple
photos, some of them
may get left out by the time
the layout is done.
that was the case on
this layout.
i ended up only using 3 of these.

the next thing i always do is gather
a variety of papers
that i want to use.
i usually end up way overdoing
the amount of paper.
i also try to pick from a variety of
different brands and color schemes.
it is rare that my layouts are
very matchy matchy.

the next thing i do is pick some stuff
that i want to incorporate on my page.
again, some of this stuff will
get left out and some other stuff
that i haven't chosen usually
gets added.
however, when i have some special stuff
in mind, i want to make sure
it makes its way on the page.
i just pick stuff i like.
no rhyme or reason.

the first thing i usually 
lay on the page
is the paper.
(unless the background
doesn't involve paper)

more paper gets added
and then the pictures. i try to 
use different textures on the
background to add interest
and depth.

then, i start to add some
embellishments where i feel
they look good.
this step usually takes forever
with way too much thinking.
i end up moving things around 100
times before i commit.
i like things to look balanced
with being totally symmetrical.

on this layout,
i added some mist.
usually, when i mist,
i cover everything else up
except exactly where i want the mist.
i do not like the unpredictability of it.
i want the control.

so, as you can see,
you don't always love what you
do and there are sometimes things
that just look terrible.
this mist is an example.
for some reason, it was
super watery. 
i hate the way it looked.

i went on to try and fix it
with some black paint
to add a touch of black to pull in the
border of the pics.
i hated the paint.
it just looked like a hot mess.

i covered the top arrow up with
some more embellishments
and didn't quite mind the second one

one of the last steps
that i always do is add my title.
i usually have one in mind when i start
my layout but it is one of
the last things to go on the page.
i do it last because
i like to tie all the colors
and styles in from the page
with the type of letters i use.

i used to never journal on my layouts.
i would either type my journaling
or have vera write it for me.
i learned to embrace my
(even though i'm still
not crazy about it)
my wonderful friend
miss lily told
me once that my kids
will want to see my story
in my handwriting
and i agree.

and there you have it
the finished product.
i must add that the last thing i do,
before the title and journaling
is glue everything down.
i hate gluing down before
i am absolutely sure i am done.
it does create issues but that's just
how i have always done it.
commitment scares me.

i am so glad i finally had
time to scrap
and to put some effort into a blog post.

i gave the blog a little makeover
and i hope you all like it.

i am definitely enjoying this 
spring break.
i have so much time to catch
up on all sorts of random things
i have been wanting to do.
i plan on making lots more
things tonight.

hope you are all
enjoying your week.


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  1. Gorgeous layout! I love seeing other peoples process for scrapping.