Friday, March 29, 2013


today was a day
filled with joy.

this morning,
i watched one of 
my best friends since i 
was super little
have a beautiful baby boy.

parker keith.
he is so sweet and perfect.
i mean, is there anything
more precious than a new baby?
i think not.
he's having a few tiny
issues and i ask that everyone
say a lil prayer for him.
other than that,
i adore him already.
i love having another little person
to spoil and snuggle and love.

speaking of little people that i adore,
we went to a crawfish boil with our fave
three little people today.
we got to spend some much needed time
with family and friends.

as you can see,
there were lots of snacks.
we also had some delicious crawfish.
we played games, painted, and just 
had a blast.

the best part,
the boo was off all day,
and i got to see him.
now, i am stuffed
and pooped
with a full heart.

it was such a great day.
hope yours was too.

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