Wednesday, March 13, 2013

i made some stuff...

i finally made some stuff.
i know my past customers will
love this post.
they are always
asking for some scrappy posts
and they are few and far between.

first up,
a little mini album.
i bought this album
from october afternoon
a while back because
i thought it was precious.
i figured i would break it up
and use it for different
but i ended up keeping
it all together and
using it just the way it was.
it's filled with stuff from
ella's birthday last year.
it was a fun little 
project to get my mojo going.

next up,
the studio calico
can you say obsession,
love affair,
i love it.
i will post the actual
album once it's complete
but here are a few of the inserts
that i've done so far.
i decided to put our
very random trip 
to new york in it.

and i love what i decided to call it.
taylor and i brainstormed
for a little while and 
that's what we came up with.

i actually did some layouts.
i was hoping to get
lots done at scrapfest recently
but that didn't happen.
i ended up only
doing three layouts in three days.
lord, i'm rusty.

i love to scrap.
have i ever mentioned that.
i am looking forward to doing 
lots and lots of it
over the easter holidays.

now, i am off to make
a purchase of some new product
from two peas.

ps. it's the middle of the week,
two days to go.
thank god.
i need a nap.


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