Monday, March 11, 2013

gotta love cupcakes...

hey guys!
so i owe you one last
new york post.

it's been so super busy
around here.
i have no clue
what we have been doing
but we have been going non-stop.

it is nice to take some time
to blog today.
here is a peek
at my second fave place
from my last trip to nyc.

this trip
was the first time 
i visited molly's cupcakes.
i first heard about this lovely
place when the wonderful
elsie blogged about it.

shane and i frequently
try out bakeries and cupcake
places when we are on vacation.
this place was BY FAR
the best ever.

here are some peeks at molly's.

molly's was beyond precious.
it was filled with vintage toys/games.
the table tops were the tops
of school desks.
it was mustard yellow on the outside.
and, best of all,
the bathroom had a saved
by the bell poster.
oh yeah!
it was just lovely.

and the cupcake.
holey molly the cupcake.
i, of course, ordered the cake batter
cupcake because i love cake batter.
it's so bad i sometimes
bake a cake
just to eat the batter.
and i end up eating lots of 
batter and baking a large cupcake.
(maybe i shouldn't have
confessed that here.)

i get the cake batter cupcake.
i take a bite and the icing is absolutely
the icing is light. 
it is soft.
it is amazing.

i take another bite
and get to the middle of the cupcake
and oh my god!
there is cake batter oozing out.
lord jesus.
it was amazing.

i can't even describe how
lovely it was.

it was so good that the day
we were supposed to leave,
we took a cab and paid $25
each way just to have one more
before we left. 
yes a $50 cupcake.
(i probably shouldn't 
have confessed that here either)
oh well, we were on vacation.

if you head to NYC soon,
you must, must visit
molly's cupcakes.

man, now i need a cupcake.
need one!

happy monday!

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