Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the past month...

i hate when i look on my blog
and haven't been here in a month.
i love blogging
but you can definitely tell
when i am in school
and when i am out of school.
i always have so much more
time and inspiration
to blog when i'm not
going to school everyday.

the past month has been
filled with lots of stuff.
so much has happened
and it feels like it has been
much longer than a month
since 2014 has begun.

i am learning to surrender
for sure.
my one little word couldn't
be more fitting for this year.

within the first few weeks
of the year,
we had a guest preacher visit our church.
he gave me some of the most
wonderful and prophetic insight
to my past, present, and future.
he had a lot to say about surrendering
and he helped me to realize a lot
of new things about myself.

i was amazed at this man's gifting
and ability to be able to tell me things
that i know came from god
and things that were so timely
and so necessary for me to hear
right now.
god is so good.
he really is.
he never ceases to amaze me.

i have been pondering on everything
he told me and really trying to work on
the things that he recommended.

i have been spending much more time
reading the sweet word of god
and the good lord is speaking
to me so much through his word.
i am at a place that i have never
been and i am really thinking hard
about where to go from here.

i also bought jen hatmaker's book,
7, and read through that quite quickly.
it is life changing.
it has me thinking about life
and church and ministry so differently.
it has me re-thinking the way i have
seen many things for a long time
and i am thirsty for more.
i am wanting something deeper
and more meaningful.

i am, as always,
re-evaluating my job.
i want something more.
teaching and i have a love/hate
relationship and right now,
let's just say,
i'm not head over heals.

i am nurturing new friendships
and spending time reviving some old ones.

i have actually had lots
more creative time than i expected.
i have been working on project life
and i'm hoping to post what i have
so far this weekend.
vera and i are actually going to a crop
on saturday and i am excited to get caught up.

things at home have been
so quiet and chill.
i've been able to read a lot when
i'm home, which i love.
i'm so glad to have all of our
huge projects out of the way
and just enjoy our home.
i am looking forward to starting on
some little re-vamps here and there,
just for fun.

i knew 2014 was gonna be great.
i am working on making myself
better, doing what god created me to do.
i'm not quite there yet,
but, i'm on my way.

i'm excited for what he has in store
for me and shane.
i am excited to see where things will
go from here.

as always,
thanks for stopping by

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