Thursday, January 2, 2014

one little word 2014...

another project that i'm going to take
part in to enrich my life this year is...
one little word.

if you know nothing about this,
it is a project that was started
by Ali Edwards.

you choose a word 
to guide you through the year.
it is there to help you focus on one thing
or one act in different ways.
in the creative world,
people will use it to inspire
their journaling, crafting,
and project life layouts throughout the year.

you can read more about one little word
and the words chosen by some other
ladies here:

i decided to choose a word this year
and participate in the project.

here was my list that i had
before i narrowed it down to one:


it was hard for me to choose only one
because all of these words
feel relevant in what i want to focus on this year.
however, after thinking and praying about it,
i choose:

here are some of the meanings that i found for the word
that speak the most to what it will mean to me:

to say officially that you have been
defeated and will stop fighting.

to allow yourself to show your
feelings and to do what
you really want to do.

to give something to someone
in authority who does not
give it back to you

found a translation of 
psalm 37:7-9
that uses the word surrender:

surrender yourself to the lord,
and wait patiently for him.
do not be preoccupied with
an evildoer who succeeds in his way
when he carries out his schemes.
let go of anger, and leave rage behind.
do not be preoccupied.
it only leads to evil.
evildoers will be cut off from
their inheritance, but those who wait
and hope for the lord will inherit the land.

it's such an amazing word.

i want to surrender to lord so much.
not holding back.
i love definition three.
giving it to someone in authority
that doesn't give it back.

i have realized this year
 that i can't hold it all.
i can't save everyone.
i can't protect everyone.
i can't hold everyone and all of their
stuff on my shoulders.
i just can't.

i can't figure life out on my own.
i can't figure out my marriage
and my job and my future
on my own.
this year, i will surrender.
i will give it to that
sweet man upstairs and,
lord, know this,
i do not want it back.

i found this little reading about
check it out if you have some time.

here is a part that i love:
to surrender means to give
everything up to the lord.
lay it all down.
lose the right over yourself,
both the "bad" self
 and the "good" self.
surrender means
you lose the right to handle
yourself on your own.
in the middle of everything,
lose and forfeit your rights
to the lord.
do not move.
freeze right where you are.
do not do anything.
surrender yourself just the
way you are.
by all means,
do not fix yourself,
do not try in yourself,
to get it together.

man that is so good for my soul.

to my husband.
let him in.
all the way.
like in definition two.
allow myself to show my feelings.
be vulnerable.
stop trying to
not look weak.

to trying to be perfect 
at my job.
wave the white flag.
do what i can,
when i can
and honestly...
to heck with the rest.
my life is too precious 
to be depleted
at that place.

to the pavement.

surrender to life.
like in definition one.
admit defeat and stop fighting.
just live.
just live.
what will be, will be.

so there's my word.
i'm excited to focus on it.
i've already found so much interesting
stuff about this word.

i am hoping to do a few updates
on my word and what it is meaning
at different stages in the year.
hoping to finally have 
success in surrendering.
truly surrendering.



  1. I adore your word! That's a big word to live by, but I know you can do it! :)

  2. Yay! I'm signed up as well and looking forward to it! Love your word! I also blogged about doing the project and linked you as an inspiration.
    Love my visits here to your lovely blog!

  3. Thanks, Ashley! I found your post on Pinterest. I just chose my word today - it's similar to yours and for many of the same reasons . . . TRUST. Hugs and blessings to you as you live a year of surrender to Him and His gifts!