Sunday, March 2, 2014

tea for 3...

this past weekend has been lovely.
on friday,
the ladies came for a sleepover
which is always the best.

on saturday,
we had ella's third birthday party.
she wanted a tea party this year,
so, that's what she got.

we used lots of stuff we had
from previous parties for her backdrop.
we added tea cups, of course.
we had cake and cupcakes
that were amazing.

the kids loved serving each other
and pouring the tea (pink juice).

the party was fun and i think
ella really enjoyed it,
which is what matters most.

after the party was over,
shane and i headed out of town
to come to houston.

we just wanted a small get away
to spend some qt together
and shop and eat and relax.
we had an awesome first day here
and now we are relaxing in bed
while i blog.

a great end to the lovely weekend.
hope yours was beautiful too.


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