Sunday, March 9, 2014

project life...

let's talk project life.
what is it?
it's a totally different way 
of documenting
everyday life.
it all began with mrs. becky higgins.
check out her website here
and learn some more about it.

in a nutshell,
it is a way to document
everyday life all year
in a way other than 
standard 12x12 layouts
for every event.

the page protectors are usually 
12x12 in size but are separated 
in smaller sizes.
you can document the year
by day, week, month, etc.
it's your preference.

i decided, for my first time doing it,
to do pl by week.
for me, it was the best way
to organize the year.

i bought a printer
to make printing photos 
on the spot
much easier.
i decided to buy 
after working through
some kinks,
i am very satisfied with it.

when deciding to do project life,
most people recommend purging through
your scrap stuff and separating
the junk you will use for pl.

i did that and it's amazing how
little i actually need.
it makes packing up to head 
to vera's or a crop much easier.

here's a peek at how my stuff is organized.

i use little bins from target
and antique sewing machine drawers
to store my basic embellishments.

not pictured,
are the stamps that i store in a
sewing machine drawer too.
i chose the ones that pertained
to pictures of everyday life
and most of my favorites.
date stamps too.

i put my loose paper cut outs
and random paper embellishments
in an old tin and basket.
my project life cards are stored
in a wood toolbox.

when i first started,
it was super hard to scrap
in such a different way.
i think with each week,
i'm getting the hang of things.

here are my layouts from
cover page-week 6.
(excuse the pictures, it seemed
like i couldn't get a good picture
of the layouts to save my life.)

cover page

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

week 6

i started week 7 today and i think
it's gonna be my favorite, so far.

i was nervous about
 not being able to keep up
with this project,
however, i think catching up
is part of the fun.

in my planner, every day,
i write a little blurp about things
that happened that day
just so i can keep the weeks
straight when i'm pulling up photos.
that has definitely helped.

all in all,
i recommend this project to 
anyone wanting an easy way to
document life.
it has helped me get out of
a bit of a creative slump too.
i always look forward to working on it.
it has not been something i dread doing.


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