Thursday, February 9, 2012

party time

so, once again, i have been mia from my little blog.
i am a teacher and i remain swamped with work.
that is my explanation for the lack of posting. :)
maybe one of these days it will all slow down.
so, lately, i have been spending my extra time planning a party for my little lady.

shane and i don't have any little ones
but we do have three little ones that we spoil like our own.
our godchild, ella, is turning one on february 24th.
can't believe it's been one whole year already.
so when kasi told me it was time to plan her party and she needed a theme,
i started to think of something that would suit this little girl.
i thought about it for a while and searched pinterest.
then i thought about her personality and what would go with it.
 it came to me, paper dolls.
ella is such a doll.
she's so sweet and just has the best little spirit.
so we decided paper dolls and shabby chic
would be great for the party.

here are the invites that i made last weekend.
they were easy and quick.
they were all done a little differently
and i used different types of paper on all of them.
i thought that was a fun touch.
 here are some of the pics from pinterest
 that are sending inspiration for the party.

i'll be bringing over some pretty pieces from the apartment
to set up a precious desert and cake table.
we are doing three different colored and flavored cakes
that will be simple and precious.
kasi found some great candlesticks and vintage plates
that we will make cake stands out of.
she also found this precious yellow pedastol
that we will use for a stand for ella's cake.

speaking of, her cake will look like this...

 the only difference will be,
there will be one banner and one strand of paper dolls.

we ordered these precious little films
 to put on cupcakes or cookies or brownies.
 we ordered some vintage sheets
similar to this and got lots of vintage fabric
to shred and use for a background for the birthday girl.
 thinking this blanket will be incorporated as a table cloth or something somehow.

also, planning on bringing my vintage baby carriage
and borrowing a dollhouse from my lovely cuz to add to the decor.
there will also be looms and tassels and many other lovely things.

as far as gifts, her paran and i just ordered her
one like this because she is in love with her big sis' one.
and she is of course getting scrapbooks of her whole first year of life.
i am hoping to catch up on those this weekend.

i am thrilled to help plan the party.
this is so up my alley.
i am hoping it comes out as beautiful
as it is in my head.

just thought i'd share because i know
how much i love hearing about other people's
party ideas.

in other news:
the boo has something up his sleeve for tomorrow night
and i am definately looking forward to it.

i will try and take lots of pics and post our little date night.

hope you had a lovely week
and hope the weekend is beautiful.

until next time...

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