Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 things i love...

i used to do a 10 things i love...
post pretty regularly on my other blogs.
i've had some e-mails asking for those to return.

so, here is one.

10 random things i love for random reasons.

this yarn word decor piece.
you can find it here.
isn't it the cutest?
i plan on being a big ole copycat 
and creating one of my own.

this little inspiring area. 
the clipboards are great.
the stuff on the clipboards is great.
and lordee, that little branch
with the hangie stuff,
it rocks.

emma's headboard concept.
if you know me at all,
i love elsie larson.
this is her sister, emma.
her headboard concept is ah maze.
her pug is a cutie too!

this wall in a boy's bedroom.
jen johner has the most amazing
eye for design.
i love everything she puts her hands to.
her blog is the best.

i love this little layout from
the crate paper blog.
it's super simple.
i love the colors and the pic.

this dress from anthropologie.
it's the bomb.
love the bow.
love the sleeves.
don't wear red enough.
i so wish i could get this bad boy
by next weekend.
i have so many little events
i could wear it to.


these three.
let's face it,
they are the most gorgeous kids ever.
and i just want excuses to post pics of them.
wish i could see them everyday.
(girls headbands here)

rachel denbow's art journals.
love these.
i need to do one.
you can check rachel out here.
her blog is one of my most favorites.

this book.
just got it.
it's lovely.
makes me want to
go to london even MORE.

this photo is dreamy.
love the table.
love the fog.

well those are 10 random things
i heart right now.
gonna convince shane
 to buy me that dress now.
so looking forward to the weekend.
keeping my santa pi's on all weekend
and getting my hands messy making stuff.

have a happy friday peeps.

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