Thursday, August 30, 2012

evacuating in instagrams

what do the burke's do
when there is a storm coming.

we evacuate.

where do we go?

what do we do while in houston?

we eat.
a lot.

we explore.

we take pictures of doors.
because they are cool
and different.

we antique shop.

and find lots of treasures.
to add to our collections.

we buy chiclets.
and eat them by the pack.

we visit as many scrapbook stores
as we can find.
and buy lots of supplies.
we are evacuating so supplies are very necessary
whatever kind they may be. :)

we shop for vintage clothing.
my fave.
and we score some great finds.

we see cool art.

we spend time hanging out
in the king size bed.
mostly because we have a queen.
and a king is like super big and roomy.
oh and the pillows are always better
in a hotel.

we visit places we love.
but don't get to visit often.

we visit anthropologie.
(our favorite. okay my favorite)
and decide that they have better visuals
than ours back home.

oh and, of course,
we take at least one pic together.

so there ya have it.
that's what the burke's do.
evacuation style.

we definitely enjoyed houston.
as always.
i would say it would be nice to live there.
however, the little visits to places
like that wouldn't be
as fun.

we are home safe.
and i am so thankful and blessed
to say that our families and friends
all made it through safely
with little to no damage.
praise god.

hope you all weathered the storm well too!


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