Monday, September 3, 2012

snapshots of the scrap room

a couple of months ago,
the scrap room was in need 
of a little 

of course,
i headed to my fave flea markets
to find a few things to help me out.

we are still renting
so it limits me
to what i can do.

here are a few 
photos of my creative space.

inspiration is the most important thing
to me in my scrap room.
i try to hang as much of it
around as i can.

the first photo is a precious
needlepoint that i found while in springfield.
it is hanging on a crib spring
that i picked up in denham springs.

the second photo is the door
from my great grandmother's house.
i hung some inspiration at the top.
at the bottom, there is a banner
made of vintage hankies 
and the sign-in canvas from our wedding.

the third photo is more random
hangings and inspiration.

here is where i store paint, mist, ribbon,
and lots of embellishments.
i love finding divided drawers, 
tins, and cute pyrex
to hold all of my embellishments.

i stack my inks in a drawer.
they are all labeled so it's easy
to find the one i'm looking for.
the vases are from my aunt
and i added some paper flowers just for fun.
i made the stand from cups and plates
found at a flea market.
it is perfect for random little pieces
that do not have another home.

these crates are home to lots of random things.
i found two golf ball baskets that hold punches.
the bucket holds some stamps.
the cigar box holds ribbon.
i love locker baskets.
they are perfect for fabric.
again, more little tins.

picked up these two little pieces for like $20 each.
the top is a record player stand. 
it has slots at the bottom that are perfect
for sticker and chipboard sheets
and still leave room for drawers in the center.

the other little piece i thought was just precious.
i have both drawers filled with stamps.
it had plain little white knobs on it.
i had to change it up with a
couple of great knobs from anthro.

i am definitely looking forward
to designing my scrap room 
in our new home.
i have lots of ideas for what i want
and what i need.

here are a few craft spaces
that i love:

i haven't been spending much time
in my little creative space.

i need to get my mojo back.
haven't i said that before?

happy labor day!


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