Saturday, September 29, 2012

10 things i love...anthro style

if you know me at all,
it is no secret that i love love love

it is the best.
it is one of my most favorite places.
they have the most unique, lovely things.

going to the store is an experience in itself.
the visuals are so cool and the store
is always beautiful and creative.
their home decor is my fave,
other than true vintage. 

their clothing is the best.
i love that not everyone is wearing it.
i love that i can piece together lots
of unique pieces to make a fun outfit.

with all of that tooting of anthro's horn,
i decided to make this 10 things
all about them.

here are 10 things i'm loving
from anthropologie
right now.

these curtains.
i am a sucker for mustard.
love that they are flocked.
my slight curtain obsession
has been completely
boxed up in this apartment
due to restrictions
but boy, as soon as i can
unleash it,
it will be dangerous.


this rug.
my goodness.
it is soft.
it is dainty.
i love the aesthetic of it.
i love the pattern.
i think it would be perfect
in our bedroom.


this light fixture.
um hello.
if you don't think so,
there's a problem.


this platform.
it is so flippin cool.
i could set a lovely antique
on the top of it and it would be
a great statement piece.


this wallpaper.
love how it reminds me of
handpainted wrapping paper.
there will be lots of touches
of wallpaper in the burke home.
maybe this should be one of them.


this feather knob.
i have dreams of my kitchen cabinets
each having a different knob.
not a one the same.
i have collected a few.
this one should probably be added.


this coat.
oh i love it.
i would wear it lots.


this throw.
we have a couple of throws from anthro.
they are not for use.
they are just for show. 
yes i am one of those people.
i don't let you use some throws
and some towels.
they are too pretty.
this one is awesome.
makes me want a pumpkin spice latte
and a christmas movie.


these shoes.
they are calling my name.
love a wedge during the fall/winter.
love how they remind me
of my favorite shoes when i was younger.
they are classic.


this paper sewing machine.
i mean come on.

well there are ten little beauties
from my fave store.

they are all available at

this week has been a busy one.
i am most definitely enjoying this day
and night at home with my boo and my pug.

looking forward to church tomorrow
and shopping for my
 favorite little guy's
birthday gift.
hayden will be 10 on the 2nd
and i may just cry.
he's growing up way too fast!

have an awesome sunday.

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