Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekend finds...

this weekend was a blast.
i went spend the weekend with
some awesome ladies
at the Lazy Lucy retreat house.
it's a little house
where you can go 
and scrap/craft and
 just have some time away.

we didn't do very much scrapping.
or at least, not as much as we could have.
we did laugh a lot.
we ate a lot.
we shopped a lot.
and we may have done
a few karaoke performances.
i laughed so hard.
my cheeks are sore.
i am definitely looking forward
to doing it again.

like i said, we did some shopping.
we went to a few flea markets
and visited my favorite store on earth.
as usual, i had no problems
finding things to buy.

it's so bad but you can't pass up
stuff that you love. 
it's not like you can find these
things just anywhere.
you have to swipe them up
and then worry about finding them a home :)
that's what i tell shane every time
 i come home with something.

here's a look at some of what i found:

i picked up the house made of rulers.
when i went to get button (my pug) 
from my mom's,
she had the bubble frame of flowers
that she got for me on Friday.
my mom's the best.
i paired them together on one
of the only tiny pieces of empty
wall we have left.

who wouldn't want a ginormous spool of thread?

picked up the owl and bird.
they are perfect for fall.

my fave cloth napkins work perfectly
in this napkin holder.
i love little finds like this.

i thought these little birds were the cutest.

this big toolbox is so cool.
i want to use it to display things.
it would be perfect on a mantle.
for now, it has a home in my scrap room.

i love love love treasure hunting.
i get so excited to come home and find
a place to put everything.
it seems we have no where to put it all
but i always find a place.

i fell in love with this table.
i wanted to get it so bad but i knew
it wouldn't work as a coffee table
because our couch is so long.
i'm sure it would be awesome just about
anywhere but we just don't have the room.
maybe it will still be there once we get a house.
fingers crossed.

hope all of you had an awesome weekend.
i have a super busy week ahead of me.
i am excited because i have the day off tomorrow
and i am going visit my old students
and spend some time with my girls!
definitely looking forward to that.


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