Wednesday, October 10, 2012

enjoying fall...

i have been

we traveled to cincinatti this week.
shane's grandpa, unfortunately,
passed away last week.
we drove there for the funeral.
although, it was a sad occasion,
it was so nice to see shane's family.
the weather and scenery there were
also insanely gorgeous.
it was true fall weather.
the trees all had colorful leaves
and i could have stayed for a very long time.

the pic above is of shane's grandparents' backyard.
we sat on the back porch for a while and
it was so peaceful and lovely.

i am definitely enjoying fall.

fall fashion is my fave.
i am looking forward to 
whipping out all of my fave fall trends.
here's a peek at some of my most favorites!

chunky sweaters and chunky scarves
are my most fave.
mixing them is the best.
i am definitely a fan of a sloppy,
oversized outfit so the chunkier,
the better.

plaid and denim.
plaid is the bomb.
i like it when used in a dressy way.
i like it when it's in menswear form too!
mary kate and ashley always rock it well!
denim shirts are an absolute staple.
a must have.
i have way way way too many
denim shirts.
they are just so versatile and work
with anything.

blazers and leather jackets.
i own a blazer in every color and shape.
perfect for any weather, any day.
i just got a new leather jacket this weekend.
can't wait to wear it lots!

i am trying to allow fall to inspire
me in the fitness area.
it is such a slow process
getting back into the swing of it.
my fat butt needs to shrink.

i am feeling so great these days.
i feel like i'm in such a great place.
i am making little changes.
and a couple of big ones.
and i couldn't be more at peace.
i feel like i am finding joy in the
everyday of it all.
and looking forward to 
some big things in the future also!

i hope you are enjoying this lovely
season as much as me.
happy wednesday!

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  1. Sorry to hear about Shane's Grandfather. The pictures are wonderful. I can't wait to start fall clothes shopping!