Monday, September 10, 2012

decor...fall style

i have to start this post
with a big thank you.
thank you so much
for the outpouring of love 
and sweet thoughts
after my last post.

i received so many fb messages
and e-mails
with people sharing their 
stories and thanking me for 
being honest. 
it is always hard to be so personal
and real on your blog
but the fact that it 
helped others and
was so appreciated 
is a great feeling.

so this saturday,
i got the itch.
the itch for
some fall decor.

i don't know if its this lovely weather
or the start of my extra marital affair
with this beauty,

the pumpkin spice latte,
but i was dying to decorate something for fall.

i called my mom.
we headed to hobby lobby.
and filled up the cart 
with pumpkins.

my parents recently
remodeled their kitchen
and they have the most amazing
dining table
that i was dying to decorate.
of course,
my mom
let me do whatever.

here's how their table came out.

i customized one little pumpkin for the table.
i usually hate doing little
intricate projects that take forever
but painting this pumpkin
was fun.

we had some extra pumpkins
that we put around her house.

my mom has lots of
amazing antiques. 
she loved antiques
and collected them long before 
it was the common trend
and i know that's where i got it.

my mom is super talented
when it comes to being crafty too.
she hasn't had much time to do 
that stuff lately because she is 
in nursing school
but she did make this 
precious birdcage for her door.

love the way it came out.
i mean the nest and feathers is fab.

when i got home from their house sunday,
i worked on a little table decor of my own.
here's my little version.

i was going to paint a pumpkin
and make one similar to the 
one i did for my mom
but i decided to do yarn
and fabric instead.

i have a little door decor in mind
and another little project
that i'd like to create too
but i have been sick all day
and i'm hoping to get to those this week.

i don't know what it is about fall
but it is the best time.
it just feels different.
good different.
great different.
i am looking forward to lots
of tights and boots.

happy fall peeps!
will share the rest of
the decor soon!
oh and a little find that 
may be one of my faves.


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