Sunday, September 16, 2012

hey ya'll...

this weekend was...
just swell.
yes swell. 
i have already been
listening to christmas music
and one of my fave songs is
baby it's cold outside
and i love when he uses the word, swell.
therefore, i am using it.
it really is the cutest word.
since i have told shane i loved that word,
he's used it about 100 times. 
he's precious.

this weekend was so good.
we stayed home.
i piddled around in my scrap room.
i worked on our door decor for
the fall season.

here's what i made.

it's very simple.
and very hard to read from far away.
but, i like it.
it's a giant loom.
a while back i shared 
the post with the yarn words.
i told you guys i would copy cat.
i love them.

i like that it's not bluntly fall
but has that feel.

i also spent some time working on a lil book
that i've had in mind for a while. 
i bought a sketch book a while back
that i intended to use for collecting home ideas.
i finally re-covered it this weekend
and began collecting
lots of inspiration to put in it.

house hunting has been on steroids lately.
we were pretty much definitely
going to buy a lot and build.
then, i told shane i absolutely did not want to build.
i really really don't. 
i asked if we could give the hunting 
one last hoorah.
he agreed.

we really have been hunting
since we got engaged.
we look online at least once a week.
we've toured a good bit of houses.
we just can't seem to find "the one."

if it is the will of god to build,
we won't find anything and i will
have to take a deep breath 
and take the building plunge.
until then, 
we are hunting
and i am praying we find our dream home.
or at least something
that we can make our dream home.

we also had a guest speaker at church this weekend.
it was life changing.
it was definitely for me.

i had time to read lots of awesome
blogs this weekend too.
here are some of my fave posts
that i thought it would be fun
to share.

hope your weekend was the bomb!
have a happy monday!


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