Friday, October 12, 2012

a fall festival...

last weekend,
we celebrated a
very special occasion.
my little cousin,
hayden, turned 10.

he is very very important to me.
i always say he was the first guy
to really steal my heart.
he knows he can get whatever
he wants from his aunt ash :)

i always love being involved
in the kiddos parties.
i love love love birthdays.

this year,
hayden wanted to share his party
with his bestie, landon.
landon and hayden share backyards
and have pretty much
been inseparable for years.
landon's birthday is in october
so it seemed like a perfect plan.

when kasi (hayden's mom)
asked the boys what kind of party
they wanted, 
that's where the trouble began.
they could not agree on

kasi then came up with
this brilliant idea to do
a fall festival theme.
she suggested we decorate fallish
and have tons of different games
set-up for the boys to do.
they agreed.

i made the invitations.
i just whipped up something
quick in photoshop
to send home from school with the guests.

we brainstormed
and came up with some awesome games.
we had a bow and arrow shooting,
bb gun shooting,
egg toss (a personal fave),
tug of war with a pit of green slime
(thanks to uncle shane),
pie toss,
sumo wrestling,
a football field,
bobbing for apples,
and a water balloon fight.
(i may or may not be leaving something out.)

here's a peek at some of the decorations.

kasi and jason bought some stuff
and i brought lots of stuff from home
to use as decor.

i set up the tables super similar to
my mom's dining table.
the brown table cloths
added more of a masculine look.

my fave part was the banners behind the cake.
the bunting banner was created
with ribbon and fabric.
the pinecone one was created with 
pinecones (obviously) and jute.
you can check out mrs. denbow's
tutorial for the pinecones
that's where i stole the idea.

these hung behind the cake,
like so.

and the cake.
oh my my my,
the cake.
it could not have been
i loved it.
she incorporated all the games.
i don't know if you can see
the cracked egg on the front
and the little pie on the side.
it was so great!

we got hayden an instax mini
camera as his gift.
i love the wrapping.

it's nothing dramatic
but he loves that pic of us
and it fit perfectly on top of the box.

he loved his camera.

and i can't wait to see all the pics he takes.

the party was such a blast.
i could not have had any more fun.
it was so messy
and wild!
i felt like a kid again.
i hope he loved it!

oh, one more pic
that i have to post.
check out lu in
one of the inflatable
balls kasi bought for
 the sumo wrestling.

that cracks me up so much.

well i hope you are all looking
forward to this lovely weekend
as much as i am.

we have a treasure hunting trip
planned for tomorrow
and i am hoping there will be
a weekend finds post
filled with lots of good stuff

happy weekend peeps.

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