Sunday, October 14, 2012

weekend finds...

this weekend was great.
on saturday,
shane and i spent the day
treasure hunting 
with my lovely parents.
we headed to denham springs.
i always seem to find 
great things from the spots in denham.
here is a look at what i got.

first up,
these two cuckoo clocks.
the clock to the far right
is one that i have been eyeing
for at least 6 months.
it has been at a little place
called serendipity
and it was a great price.
my lovely mom bought it for me.
the other clock was only $5.
yes, $5.
and the moose head
was purchased during our evacuation
to houston
from z gallerie.
i think they all 3 make a super presh collage.

a green tablecloth.
i love picking up tablecloths
any time i can find them.
those and napkins.

the pink blanket.
it's such a great pattern.
it's twin size
and i'm so glad it's mine.

some beautiful doilies.
i also pick up a few every time i go
antique shopping.
i especially love these because they
still have the labels.

love love love this spoon.
it is great because
it has a little B.
definitely an amazing find.

got lucky in the silhouette area
for sure.
i am obsessed with the
silhouette of the little girl.
it doesn't have a home yet
but, one day,
it may be perfect in a little girl's room.

i love the silhouettes of the lady and man.
i swiped them up immediately.
they go perfectly with the
vase (which is a knife handle)
on the piece of driftwood.
another cute little collage.

saw this tray on my very first trip
to denham springs.
finally broke down and bought
it this weekend.

love this little set.
it also came with 4 mugs.
it was only $25.
it still has the labels on the bottom
of each piece.
i don't know what it is,
but when stuff still has the labels,
i love that.

got the orange picnic basket this weekend.
i like it stacked on top of the brown one.

this lovely lace collar.
i have plans for this.
it is so beautiful
and supposedly
extremely extremely

found two christmas cards and this presh photo.
i use the photos for different projects.
i have plans for the christmas cards.

a little sled,
the guard of a fan,
a bucket, 
and a unique little star.
i have plans for these four finds
to be incorporated
in my christmas decor.

a screen door.
this piece also needs a home
and will be incorporated
in the christmas goodness.

this little sampler.
i love samplers.
it is always hard to find ones
that are not extremely tacky.
i have one other one that
is probably one of my most 
favorite finds.
this one is really big
and i don't know that we have
any room for it here,
in the apartment.
it may just have to wait for our house.

the best part about my love
for all things old,
(my boo may disagree)
is that my family is constantly contributing
to my obsession.

my mom was so sweet and got me
lots of my finds this weekend
and my grannie recently picked
up a few things for me.

she got me that pencil sharpener
that i adore.
i looked at one for a while
last time i had gone shopping
and decided not to buy it
so i was thrilled when she gave
me this one.
she also got me these gorgeous bottles.
she gave me a beautiful hat too!

we are running out of wall space
here and i don't know how many
more finds the apartment can hold.
i am always worried that we will cross
some sort of line into 

maybe we have.

well maybe it just looks like that
because we are in a small space.
i dunno.
but it is my fave hobby,
hunting for lovely old things.
i don't think i can stop.

hope you all had a blessed weekend.

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