Sunday, October 28, 2012

the weekend...

this weekend was
the bomb!

we spent some time with the girls.
we took them to toys r us
for lu to pick out birthday presents.
we came home and went to the booseum.

lu was a fairy princess.
ella was a gnome.

they had the best time.
we had the best time.
they were so well behaved.

the only down side,
we missed hayden.
he was at a camp out.
i am definitely looking forward
to trick or treating
with them on wednesday.

yesterday, we went to 
flames on the bayou.
it was this big concert event
here in thibodaux.
it was great.
we saw lots of good friends,
sang along to lots of great music,
and ate some delicious food.
it was just a good ole time.

absolutely love time with these two. 
love goofing off.
i forget that i'm an old lady 
when we get together.

it was so cold and
 i definitely underestimated
how chilly it would be.
i should have been wearing a
sweater, coat, hat, and gloves.

once we went in the front,
closer to the stage,
it was a little warmer.
we were actually pretty close.
here's a fun video of us 
being as silly as possible.
just FYI shane is the worst videographer.

billy currington was precious.
thompson square was awesome.
it was fun!

today consisted of this.

absolutely nothing.
i was feeling achy
and a little under the weather
from being in the cold all day.
we watched tons of tv
and napped on and off.
a great lazy sunday.

life is so great these days.
i have definitely been enjoying 
every single day.

hope your week is blessed.

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