Monday, February 11, 2013

what happened...

here ya go,

as of now,
we lost the house.
you heard right.
or saw right, i guess.

we were supposed to close
wednesday before last.
we got a call on the tuesday
saying that one of the underwriters
wanted a second appraisal.
we thought, okay, no biggie.
the closing then got moved
to last monday at 1:30.

we heard nothing back about
the second appraisal
so we thought all was well.
the closing was confirmed
for the monday,
we were all packed.
and i mean all packed.
we let the apartment know
we would be out by friday.
we got our moving team ready
(my wonderful family)
and we felt confident
that everything was a go.

oh so wrong.

shane texts me on monday at 10:30.
"hey, we aren't closing today,
they didn't get the second
appraisal report back yet."
i thought ugh annoying, 
but still, not a big deal.
he said we would reschedule
for wednesday.

well by 1:30,
he was texting saying 
that the second appraisal
came back lower
and we would have to re-submit
to the seller.

i thought oh, great
a way for god to show off,
a way for us to save 
a little more money.
in the end,
we will be in our dream
home and all will be 
right with the world.


i drive to the real estate office
to sign the new offer and the agent
tells me that she (the seller) is rejecting.
it wasn't even sinking
in what she was saying.
she said the lady
had three days to get the 
formal rejection paperwork back to us.

i thought,
okay she is going to change
her mind before she formally rejects,
she will accept and we will move
right on in.

yet again.

she had that paperwork
faxed over within the hour.

it took a couple of days for it to sink in.
we went through some things to see
if we could come up with the difference.
yes, i know that would 
be crazy but you have no idea
how in love we are.
and how ready we are.
and how excited we were.

it just didn't work.
i avoided being at the apartment
for two days.
the boxes were too overwhelming.
the thoughts of what now,
were too much.
when i finally walked in and
saw those boxes, the reality hit.
and i will admit it.
i cried.
and called my mom.
and cried.

i'm fine now.
i still know god has a plan.
(very hard to admit right now)
i will continue to praise
him and give him glory 
for all he has done
and all he is yet to do.

am i mad?
heck yea.
do i not get why this is 
the third time 
this has happened?
no i don't.
but, for now, 
i will just breathe.

right now, 
i am blogging from the
philadelphia airport.
shane and i had to get away.
we booked a flight to new york.
we were supposed to get there
for 11 am.
we are hoping to 
arrive for 11pm tonite.
that's a whole other story.
but, who cares.
at this point,
i just had to get outta
that apartment.

i am not all down in the dumps,
i refuse to be all poor me, poor us.
i do not want that attitude.
i had my moment of sadness,
but, now shane and i will laugh it off.
maybe cause we are going
a little ca koo,
but laughing
none the same.

i will definitely post some
highlights of our little
trip to my fave place in the whole world.

hoping you guys are having a great week.
hoping this post answers all your questions.
thanks for the love.


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