Sunday, February 24, 2013

a pink party...

my sweet godchild turned 2 today.
when we were asking her
what kind of party she wanted,
her only reply was,

so, we decided to just do a 
very pink, very pretty,
very girlie party.

we love birthdays.
(my cousin and i)
so we like to put a lot
into the whole party process.

there was no plan or method
to the madness of decorating.
we ordered a lot of things
we liked.
we pulled lots of inspiration
from pinterest
and we just created
a lovely little decor mess.

it was lots of work
but so fun to hang out
while creating with some
very dear ladies in my family.

and ella enjoyed herself
which is all that matters.

here's a peek at
miss ella's party

i try and make the kiddos'
invitations as much as i can.
i really enjoyed making these.

the cake was ah-mazing.
i mean honestly.
kasi and i could't stop
staring at it or talking about it.
it was absolutely beautiful.
it was done by eye candy cakes of houma.
we brought the flowers and installed
the number 2 but the rest was all them.

we used lots of flowers.
they are cheap.
(from wal-mart)
and they add just enough pretty.

so that's a peek at it.
i love birthdays!
especially when they are 
for precious kiddos.
don't you?

have a good week.

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