Saturday, February 16, 2013

tinsel trading company...

so probably my most
favorite place in new york city

i first found out about this 
place from tim holtz.
he is a designer of 
scrap/craft products and 
he blogged about it years ago.

shane and i made it a point
to go to the store when we
were on our honeymoon
and i fell in love.
it was first on our list
to visit this time around.

it is a store that is filled
with amazing little treasures.
there are vintage flowers, trim,
random pieces, home decor,
craft supplies, etc.
it is a place that is just 
filled with the most unique,
one of a kind things, ever.

their displays and window
are always something to see too.
this place definitely puts a hurting
on my bank account but it's so worth it.

this time, i picked up a few home decor
things, a few little pieces to use on craft projects,
some pretty flowers and other supplies
for ella's upcoming birthday party.
as always, it did not disappoint.

well enough typing about it,
here's a peek at it.

as you can tell, the boo really loves
the place too.
he's in to checking out all the merchandise.
he was really just playing on his phone.
he's so patient while i shop.
i gotta keep him.

on your next visit to nyc,
you have to check out 
tinsel trading company.
i promise it won't disappoint.

be back tomorrow with
my second face place.


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