Friday, February 15, 2013

my fave place...

we are on our way home
from my fave place.
we had four
days in new york city
and it was lovely.

we did tons of walking
around and popping
in and out of random places.

there were a few spots
that we wanted to visit
that were "touristy"
but, other than that,
we just explored.

here are some pics from our trip.

we finally visited the public library.
the last time we went,
it was under construction
and you couldn't go in.
it was quite per-ty in there.

we also visited grand central.
pretty cool.

we went to the 9/11 memorials.
the last time i visited
ground zero
was with my mom about
a year after it happened.
it was intense and very heavy.
we both sobbed the whole time.
this time, it was a different
the memorials 
are gorgeous
and huge and have a huge impact
on you while looking at them.
the feeling there, however,
is one of peace.
i'm glad we got to see those.

we also went to the photography
school and checked 
out the museum area.
i loved that and got
some great stuff from the
gift shop.

one of my most favorite things
to do on vacation, anywhere,
especially in new york,
is to look at store displays.
new york definitely does it big
and i always leave feeling super inspired.
it makes me wanna make
or decorate something.

i plan on sharing two more
posts from our trip
dedicated to my two most
favorite spots this time around.
so stay tuned.

we had such an awesome time.
i always leave this much
time with the boo
feeling so connected.
we needed that.
we have regrouped
and are ready to face the nightmare
that awaits us at home.
we have decided to leave
everything packed and just 
store it until we figure out
where we will live.
i will go crazee
with bear walls and
no decor but boy will i 
be juiced up and ready
when our house comes along.

hope you all had a bomb
diggity week.
happy weekend!


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