Wednesday, April 17, 2013

operation house to home: a yellow mantle

first off,
thanks for the prayers
for my friend lin. 
she is home with her sweet
baby boy and doing much better.
it's amazing how quickly she recovered
and we only give the glory to god.
so, thanks for the prayers and the love.

in the midst of all that,
like i said,
we got the house.
it has definitely been surreal.
i am super excited but definitely keeping
it into perspective.

here's a shot of our new house.

there will definitely be a little bit
of work to the landscaping
but it's precious.

so this past weekend we started
painting and painting
and um....

i thought i would have 
such a clear vision for the house. 
i thought i did
 have a clear vision
for the house.
now, i am realizing otherwise.

i definitely am feeling
overwhelmed and questioning my style
and all of my decisions. 
the only room that i am pretty sure about
as far as colors and stuff
is the formal living room. 
here's what it looked like before we did a thing.

no offense to anyone who has
this green color in their house
but i hate it.
it is all over the house 
and it's just too much. 
there was also this
weird black slash brown
slash who knows tile 
under the mantle
that i could not stand.

i have always wanted a yellow mantle.
i don't know why.
just wanted a yellow mantle.
and i know grey is big now
and i know it looks great with yellow.
therefore, i decided to go with grey on the walls.

before painting the mantle,
i wanted to add a decorative
piece that looked like it was a part
of the original mantle. 

here's a shot of the work in between.

we added the primed wood piece
and screwed it to the mantle
before painting the whole thing.

i was excited about the grey because there
will be lots of white in the house
and i was excited to see a non-white room.

here's what it looks like now
that we are all done.

we were going to tile over the ugly tile
and my dad suggested just painting
it white to save time and money.
he figured it would be 
fine since there will be little/no
foot traffic on those tiles
and it was simply for the look of it.
the white tile makes such a difference.
so simple and cheap.

i found this chandelier at a flea market
in january.
i have spotted some similar
ones in some home decor books and fell in love.
when i saw this one,
there was no question
 it was coming home 
with me. 
i decided it would work great in this room
and since this is the room right at the front door, 
i figured it would be a great
statement piece for 
right when you walk in.

it took my dad about 30 mins to 
add a few things to have the light
working perfectly and install it.

i'm obsessed.
i love it so much.

and the yellow mantle is perfect.
it's exactly what i envisioned it to look like.
the wood piece is the perfect accent to add
just a touch of character.

we plan on just putting seating in this room
with no tv.
i'm hoping to read lots of books here
and just have a room where we can
visit with those that matter most.

i have no clue how i will decorate in here
or what furniture i will use
(minus a couple wall ideas)
but i am excited to spend time in this room.

shane has already said that he was
hesitant about the lighting
and mantle but he loves it
and said that he even wants
to put our bed in there because
it's his favorite room.

that makes me smile
because he doesn't always
love my crazy ideas.

i am hoping my visions all come together
and i am able to put together a
creative, unique space that is true to our style
and that makes us very happy.

i look forward to seeing it all play out
and i plan on keeping you guys updated
through my little corner in cyber space.
so get ready for lots of befores and afters.

thanks for reading...

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