Thursday, May 16, 2013


life lately
looks a little something like this.

wallpaper, one of the only things
that has made it on the wall,
other than paint.
lots and lots of paint.
oh paint.
did i mention paint.
yea paint.
okay i'm done.
(ps...we still have lots more PAINT)

home decor books
and mags. 
it was so much more of an obsession
before i wasn't required to do it.
now, i am not inspired.
i'm trying though.
that pile should tell you, i'm trying.

there are little areas around the house
where things have been thrown.
to try and get the vibe goin that i have to
make this house a home.
there is effort.

there are things just randomly placed.
just to see if they work in the space.
then, they are forgotten,
and we are on to the next remodel project.

there are boxes still.
loads of boxes.
we work like dogs 24/7 and yet 
there are still many many boxes.

there is evidence that we have unpacked 
the necessities.

there are shoes.
all around. 
coming off of tired feet.
just happy to be in the door
of this beautiful place.

there are treasures and decor
scattered about. 
laid out to provide inspiration,
so that i can find them a home.

there are little pretties that have
made their way out of boxes.

and in the midst of all of it,
there is a pug,
who has no clue what is going on
but is happy to have her own little yard
and way more space to run around.

oh and there is a girl and a boy too.
and we are so so happy.
so so happy.
so in love.
way more in love 
in the midst of this mess
than i expected.
a girl and a boy who are homeowners.
who are learning to adapt to that.

life lately has been so lovely.
even though the remodeling is exhausting,
along with both working full-time,
and keeping up with everything else.
(god bless people who remodel with children:
human ones)

life lately is new and different.
we are realizing how blessed we are
that god gave us this home.
we are trying to "enjoy the process."
we know we will look back on 
this time years from now
and we want to love it.

i won't lie though, 
it's a challenge.
the house is intimidating.
it's hard to juggle all of it.
it has been a little hard feeling at home.
but we are getting there.
and i'm excited to have the few weeks
of summer to focus on just the house
and getting it completely in order.

i am also looking forward to all of the 
big remodeling projects to be done.
so we can really unpack and move the
tools out for good.

oh and i'm looking forward to
having time for the gym again.
cause homegirl is getting fat!

once again,
i will give god lots and lots
of glory for this life and all he has done.
and i will thank you guys for the continued
love and kind words.

and for visiting this little blog of mine.
sorry it's been so long.
and to the peeps who are
asking for before and afters,
they are coming, i promise.
as soon as the rooms are "done."

happy thursday guys!
have a great weekend.


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