Tuesday, June 11, 2013

operation house to home: the tale of the china cabinet...

so this entire post is about
our china cabinet.
if you think that's lame,
turn back now.

you know how, sometimes,
you have conversations with god
about little things,
little desires of your heart?
well, when we were house hunting,
i had a few little chats with god
about the things i wanted.
a built in china cabinet may have
come up once or twice.

the lord and i discuss things like
china cabinets.
hey, he's god, he's heard it all.

when shane and i saw this house
for the first time,
and i turned the corner in the dining room
and saw this china cabinet,
i melted.
it's probably my favorite part of the house.

this is what it looked like
when we bought the house...

it was already white
but the inside was this
(not so lovely)
red/maroon crackle finish.
i hated the inside.
no offense to those red/maroon
crackle finish lovers.
it's just not my style.

i decided to go with mint green on the inside.
after painting the inside of it
(or should i say kasi painting the inside,
thanks mam)
i could have painted the whole house
this mint green color.
it's just so pretty,
especially with the white.

i have lots of vintage kitchen items.
it's one of my favorite types of things
to pick up from flea markets
and antique stores.
i have lots of glassware, 
dishes, utensils, tins
and pyrex.
i've always dreamed of being
able to display it all and this little
cabinet that the lord sent
is the perfect place.

i ended up rearranging the inside many times.
at first, i put all my glassware in there too
and it was just too much going on.
it wasn't that pleasing to the eye.
in the end, i decided the glassware
and the leftover stuff
will have to be displayed some place else
or just changed out periodically.

the bottom part of the cabinet is great
for storing all of my doilies, table cloths,
napkins, etc.

i love the hardware too.
it's so pretty.
i love when the hardware
on doors and windows and cabinets
is all original from when the house was built.
it's so much prettier than modern day hardware.
i know it's so minor but i'm a details kind of gal.

so there ya have it.
a whole post on our china cabinet.
that's the beauty of this little blog,
i can document whatever i want.

i'm glad to have one more thing
marked off of the list, for now.
i have definitely learned to enjoy
this process.
the world won't stop if the pyrex
isn't in the china cabinet.
but, hey, it makes it more pretty to look at.

i'm hoping to get lots more
accomplished in the coming weeks.

hope you are all enjoying this summer weather.
it's hot ya'll.


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