Saturday, June 29, 2013

last night...

last night we had our first little
gathering at the house.
we had some special peeps
over for pizza and birthday cake.
it was great.

the kiddos ran around and played,
we chatted, and there may have
been a few dance competitions.

i have no clue how to work my camera.
no clue.
this is a result of that.
it looks kinda cool though.
i really need look into a photog class.

excuse the curtains.
they are from the previous owner.
they just haven't made their way down yet.
they are definitely not my style.

last night was one of those nights
when you realize how blessed you are.
when you feel the love.
i have to brag,
i have the most amazing parents.
the best brothers (that couldn't make it).
and some pretty wonderful
family and friends.
i'm looking forward to this next year of my life.
i'm sure it will be filled with tons of nights
like last night.

and, for that, i am thankful.


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