Monday, July 1, 2013

what is it...

what is it...
about fresh flowers?
i love having them in the house.
my friend vera and i always
say that if we could choose
between a maid and a florist for our home,
we would pick florist.
if we could choose between diamonds
or fresh flowers for the rest of our lives,
we would choose the flowers people.

i always go out and buy cheap o flowers
from wal-mart just to have some
in the house.
they just make it better.
that's all.

our house has been so full of life lately.
we've had so many people we love in and out of here 
the past few days.
there have been sleepovers,
dinners, a party, and just lots and lots of company.
it's lovely.
it's what it is all about.
we love it.
it's definitely always nice to have quiet time at home 
but man i love all the visitors.

i'm hoping to start getting stuff done 
at school this week.
i've been procrastinating.
i promise to devote july to school being first though.
we have made lots of progress 
in the house so far, this summer.
so, july is for getting the classroom together 
and beginning the planning process for the year.

hoping to have a bedroom tour on the blog soon.
what are some other things you guys
would like to see on the blog,
give me some feedback.
i'd love to hear what you would like to see posted.
i know lots of you say you have trouble
commenting so feel free to e-mail like you normally do
or just comment to fb.

happy monday...
here's to being productive (at school) this week.
maybe i should bring some fresh flowers there.


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