Tuesday, June 25, 2013

operation house to home: a closet for two...

let me start by saying
i've never had to share a closet.
i am the only girl in the fam
so i was able to miss the sharing boat
in every single house.
own room, own closet.

in the apartment we had
two separate closets
both were a really good size.
i was always worried about
the day we would have
to share.

while house hunting,
we knew that if we bought an
older home, closet space
would be limited.
when we got this house,
i knew there was no way
the tiny closet in our room
would be sufficient
for the both of us.

so, if you're going to share
a closet, till you're at least 109,
it should be a good one.
that's where the small bedroom
connected to ours came in.
we decided to turn that little
room into our closet/laundry room/
dressing room.

i knew what i wanted it to look like
and i knew what i didn't want it
to look like.
i explained my vision to my dad
and showed him some pictures.
we did some measurements
and budgeting and my dad
drew it out. 
he and my baby brother
built it and made it all come to life.
with some painting and moving of
water lines and stuff,
our closet was created.

here's what it looked like before:

and here it is after it's little facelift:

our washer and dryer were located
in the living room so we had
to do a few things to get them 
moved into this room.
i love having the washer
and dryer in here.
it makes things really easy.

my dad also took apart my lockers
for me and installed one next to my
drying bar to hold all the laundry supplies.

under the drying bar there is 
a great little place to stash
the ironing board and my step ladder.
they stay hidden there
since they aren't the prettiest.

the other side of the locker is
a great place to put fashion inspiration
and other randomness.

the vanity in the closet
was my mom's when she was a little girl.
it was also in my childhood room.
i painted it and updated the hardware.
it is a great place
to get ready every morning.
the windows let in lots of natural light
which makes putting make-up on this face easy.

it's also a great place to stash make-up and
 hair supplies and jewelry.
i swear i could paint everything
in the entire house this mint color too.

i love how everything is open and you can see it all.
no more smushed stuff.

well there ya have it.
one room done.
and before you start thinking
that i spend all my money on clothes
and shoes, this wardrobe is
a collection just like any other.
trust me, there's stuff in 
there from junior high.
i also purge regularly and donate
everything i get rid of.
just a little side note.

i've been super productive around
this place lately and i'm hoping to complete
another room, maybe two, in the next
week or so.

what have you guys been
up to this summer?
hoping you are staying cool
in this insanely hot weather.
i know there is swimming in my near future.
let's hope the neighbors don't call
the animal society claiming a large porpoise
is loose when i'm out there in my bathing suit.


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  1. O my goodness!! this is beautiful Ash!! you can come to my house and finish it when you are done with yours.