Tuesday, July 16, 2013

pieces of the everyday...

we have been super busy around here lately.
with school starting again in two weeks,
i have been working in my classroom everyday.

i have managed to keep all but one of my plants
alive this whole summer.
yes, we had one casualty.
shane said it was doomed from the
start though.
it was in kind of bad shape when we
got it, and, let's face it,
i'm not the one to be saving plants.

i'm trying my hardest to steer clear of that
last piece of cake.
trying hard to stick to weight watchers
and daily runs.
the cake is proving to be a challenge
but the runs are becoming addicting again.

there is a new little flea market/thrift store,
here, in thibodaux.
i went to check it out the other day and 
scored a bed skirt for $5 and some really pretty
vintage jewelry for great prices.

our formal living room is becoming
one of my favorite spots to sit and read at night.
i have two more books that must be finished
before going back to work.

i had a few amazing ladies over this past weekend
to scrap/craft.
it was an awesome night.
i only created one layout and made a wreath.
while i didn't get much accomplished,
the conversation and quality time with some dear
friends was the best part.
i can't tell you how good it is for my soul
to make stuff, laugh all night, and drink way too much
caffeine with those girls.
i can't wait to do it again soon.

our walls are slowly being covered here and there.
i have been feeling so productive lately,
but, i'll be honest, it's wearing me out.
i am looking forward to some down time
in the next couple of weeks.

hope your tuesday was lovely.

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