Wednesday, July 3, 2013

wednesday finds...

thanks so much for all the feedback
on what you guys wanna see on the blog.
you all e-mailed some great ideas.
quite a few people said they 
wanted more flea market find posts.
well, that fits perfectly because today,
i have just that kind of post.

shane and i hit up the local habitat store today.
that place is a hit or miss.
sometimes, i can find a few things
and, sometimes, i do not find a thing.
today, i was able to score quite a few good little finds.

here's some pics.

i spotted this lamp right before we were about to leave
and just fell in love.
i knew it would be perfect somewhere in the house.
the best part is that it still works
but shane said i can't keep it on for long periods of time.
ummm. i may or may not be known for leaving
lamps on and shane may or may not
be known for getting kinda angry about that.
so, i promised to not cause a fire over the love of
a vintage lamp and he agreed to load it in the car.

i bought these three lamp shades for a project i have in mind.
they are the main reason we went to habitat today.
i had passed by and saw quite a few in the window.
i am hoping this little project will come out like it
looks in my brain. i hate when the pic in my 
brain doesn't match the final product.
anyway, i'll share the project once it's done.

found this fabulous pillow.
i have a tendency to just buy pillows that i like
and never ever use them.
i have vowed to only buy pillows that will work
with our furniture. this one is great and will look so
good on our couch. it's big and the most perfect
colors for our space.

picked up a few records for our collection.
two for shane.
two for me.

picked up this little craft card box.
i plan on taking all of the cards out and using them
in scrapbooks and craft projects and using the container
to store journaling cards in my scrap space.

spotted this necklace in the jewelry case when i got there.
i knew i had to have it.
it's long with these great amber colored beads
and for 25 cents oh yes people 25 cents,
i could not leave it at the store.

ummm don't need to say much.
samplers are my weakness. i haven't found a home
here for most of our collection but these two were just
so charming. they had to come home with me. 

picked up some sheets and fabric.
will use these for craft projects.

love these two little vases. perfect for fresh flowers.

found lots of other little random craft things.
i have toned down my purchasing of sewing patterns.
i went through a phase when i hoarded them. i have slacked
off with that and decided only to get them if the picture
on the outside was unique to my collection
and just one that i can't pass up.
this one is one of them. love the ladies in their short shorts.
the other stuff is just good little treasures that i'm sure
i can use. i plan on using that lace patterned placemat
under button's water and food bowl. 

and last but not least, you can not pass up any kind of holiday
decor when you find some that you like.
i have already started filling up a journal with ideas for christmas.
we are hosting a few holiday parties and i can not wait to decorate
for them. when i spotted this little pillow and that cute
little boot, i knew they would be great in our decor for christmas.

so what did this all cost, you might ask.
my total for this entire purchase was... 29 dollars and 53 cents.
i mean c'mon. all of those great little finds for under 30 dollars.
ahhhh. i love days like this. 
we ended up going to target after the habitat store
and i scored some great stuff there too for my classroom
and my teacher wardrobe.
(see i told you i was focusing on school this week. hee. hee.)

i ended up putting off work in my classroom
until next week and i'm trying to make my craft space a priority
this week. i'm really trying to purge, organize, and decorate.
it's proving to be a challenge. i have no motivation.
the space is also really big and hard to configure.
hopefully, i wake up inspired tomorrow and can get some stuff done.

hope you have a happy 4th peeps.


  1. That best of bread is one of my favorite all time albums... full of songs from the 70's, brings me back to the dating HOBL days... sometimes I need that... Love this post and miss our habitat. You really need to come to Plaquemine as we are full of little stores I just know you would love and spend time with me would be great! Let me know when you wanna come, and I am waiting for an all nighter craft night in the new abode.
    Love and Miss ya!

  2. Lilly we won't be too far from you in White Castle for the Girls Gone Crafty weekend. I have a friend who owns a store called the Deep South Gypsies.
    And Ash wonderful finds, can't wait to get back and explore there again!!

  3. I need to check out Lilly's shops in Plaquemine and Deep South Gypsies. I found some great treasures in Denham Springs this weekend. It's so fun to dig!!