Sunday, July 28, 2013


summer is coming to an end.
i have one more week "off"
and then a new school year begins.

when i look around the house,
i definitely see progress.
i was able to get tons done
over this summer.

we have completed all of 
our big projects, other than the kitchen
remodel, and now we just have little things left to do.
i am glad that we are pretty settled though
because it will make the school year
much easier. 

i am proud to say that i have managed
to contain myself through the summer.
for the most part, i have managed to stay away
from my favorite antique stores
and treasure spots.

i plan on making up for that
this week.
vera and i are heading out
on wednesday for a road trip to
participate in the longest yard sale.
i am so excited.

i am hoping to find some good stuff
for certain areas of the house that i am just
not able to complete so far.

i am excited for the school year
to begin but, as always, i am thankful
for this summer "break."
even though it wore me out
because i have been busting
my wide behind in this house,
i am glad to have been able to 
do all of the work around here
outside of the school year. 

i absolutely can not wait to 
get outta town for a few days 
and hunt for treasures.
i will be one happy lady.

enjoy the rest of your weekend folks.
have a blessed sunday.


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  1. LOVE your home! So glad I found you through Instagram so I can follow along! Enjoy the longest yard sale and post your finds. Have a blast!