Thursday, August 1, 2013

longest yard sale day 1...

heads up guys,
very full post.

today was day one of my first
experience with the longest yard sale.
let's just

you can read more about
 this yard sale
and all of the logistics

my good friend, vera,
shot me a text a few months ago
and said, "ash we have to do
this longest yard sale thing."
she had stumbled upon
it and really wanted us to
make it our next little adventure.

i figured it was an impossibility
because i knew we would have a lot
going on with the house.
however, as it inched closer and closer,
i decided, what the heck, let's get outta
town and do it.

i scraped together some pennies
and we (as in vera, she's the planner)
put together all the ins and outs of the trip.
let me just say i am grateful for all the time
she took to plan this trip for us.
thanks doll.

anyway, we hit the road wednesday
around 1:30pm and drove for a while
until we reached our first hotel
at the starting point of the yard
sale in north alabama.

we crashed for the night
and woke up bright and early
and hit the trail.
we were both super excited
but had no clue what to expect.
well, let me tell ya people,
what you need to expect is complete
i swear.

it is just miles and miles and miles
and then some more miles
of yard sales, antiques,
and plain ole junk.
it stretches through these amazingly
beautiful parts of our great country.

we stopped where we saw good stuff,
we wheeled, dealer, and we treasure hunted
till our hearts were content.

we both got lots of great
little finds. (some big ones too)
the best part,
my total for the day,
vera's total,
i mean c'mon.
that is just plain wonderful.

we did kind of hold back just
because we didn't wanna go crazy on
our first day.
but tomorrow,
ladies, i have news for you,
it's on.

we also found a fabulous estate sale.
we both filled up boxes with stuff.
i mean how brilliant are the people who
chose to have the estate sale this weekend.

i paid little to nothing for some fabulous
christmas decorations there that i'm
thrilled about.

here are some highlights of the day.

met paul when we arrived
at the first stop.
he owns over 1100 pieces of pyrex.
he was precious.
talk about a man crush.
yep, i said it.
i mean c'mon ya'll,
he collects pyrex,
what do you expect from me.

 beautiful things all around.
beautiful, ridiculously underpriced things.

these little things called fairy gardens.
this lady pairs quirky, little antiques
with beautiful plants.
they were filled with detail
and as precious as you could imagine.
vera and i wanted to buy some,
just cause.

amazing, amazing scenery.
absolutely breathtaking.
these pictures do not do it justice.
we saw a waterfall, mountains,
rocks, streams, and beautiful barns,
everywhere you turned.

we both kept saying,
how can you see all this,
and not believe in god.

he created this big world
that is filled with beauty.
if only, we could see it all.
all i could think today was,
thank you jesus,
for loving me and for giving me
the opportunity to take a peek
at your beautiful work.

we finished the day at this lovely
little cafe.
the food was some of the 
most delicious food i have eaten.
there was also a man
there playing the guitar and
making you, i mean making you,
sing along.
that may have been when i had
my second old man crush of the day.
yep, i said it.

yes, i know this is a long post
and it doesn't even begin to touch on
the day.
we are thrilled to the core for

and yes, i am planning on posting
all my finds when i get home.
you will have to hold on until then.

thanks for checking out the beginning of
our adventure.
more to come...


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  1. What a fabulous adventure for you and Vera - memories for a lifetime. Thanks for sharing with us!