Sunday, August 4, 2013

longest yard sale day 2...

so we made it through the trip.
we pulled in my driveway at 4pm.
i am most definitely hungover
from being junk drunk for 3 days.
yes, junk drunk.
that is a term that was used quite often
this week.
vera and i loved it.
we will be using it again.
over and over again.

so, day 2.
on day 2 we drove from
chattanooga, Tennessee to crossville, Tennessee.
we found tons of stuff on day 2. tons.

we stopped at this cute little store.
there was a little old lady outside that
was selling hankies and precious
linens for 25 and 50 cents.
we felt like we were stealing them.

 we stopped at so many spots that were
packed with vendors.
we also stopped at lost of 
little random yard sales
down winding dirt roads.

i would call day 2 bike day.
so many of the vendors had tons of bikes.
i saw this amazing turquoise bike
on day 1 and it was $60.
i wanted it for my porch to put flowers
or plants in the basket.
i didn't buy that bike because
i was scared to spend $60 on the first
day for one item.
well, i ended up regretting it
because all the bikes we
would find were over $100.

that was until we stopped at this small yard
sale down a winding road.
that's when we spotted cactus rose.
yes, cactus rose is the bike's name.
it is this precious orange and red
bike with the name cactus rose
printed on the side and a fabulous
banana seat.
oh boy!
i was pumped, pumped, pumped.
guess how much i paid,
it doesn't have a basket
but i bought one that i will attach to it.

vera also found a lovely little
pink and purple tricycle for juliette
at that same sale.
we were thrilled.

after this yard sale,
the truck started to get pretty full.
our motto for the day became,
when in doubt, wedge.
we were literally just wedging stuff
anywhere there was even an inch of 
space in the back.
all of the little old men
couldn't believe we were
packing our own truck
and traveling alone with no men.
as if we would bring our husbands.
this trip was made for just the two of us.

we also spotted tons of cute
little vintage cars and campers all day.
vera is determined to own a camper
that we can take around with us.
it's a great dream.
even though we don't have our own,
it was nice to be able to drool over
the ones we saw.

the whole route is just full of fun stuff.
everywhere you turn, there is something
to look at and fall in love with.

the man crush of the second day goes to this guy.

he was a great russian guy
that created all of that amazing lighting.
i loved each and every one of his pieces.
we chatted for a while
and i got his email.
i am hoping to have some of his
beautiful pieces in my home.
he gets the man crush award
for that hat, the flannel,
and the ability to make amazing lights.

yet again, the scenery was breathtaking.
vera and i just couldn't stop saying
how beautiful it was.

my favorite story of the day:
right before we were about to call it quits
for the day, at our last stop, 
we went into the booth of this
sweet old couple.
i spotted this beautiful
tin dollhouse from the 1940s.
it was priced $65.
i immediately fell in love
imagining the girls playing with it,
imagining maybe my baby girl playing with it.
i also couldn't help but imagine
how great it would look displayed in my house.

i wanted it.
i just didn't want to spend that for it.
we walked away and got in the truck.
as i was buckling my seat belt, i told vera
i had to go back and just see if 
he would take $40 for it.
i hopped out and ran back to the booth.
when i got back i asked the man if he would
take $40, he said what about $45
and i was thrilled.
as i was paying them,
the old lady started tearing up
telling me that when they saw
it at an estate sale,
she had to have it because
she had always wanted one as a child
and never got one.

i love that house.
i love that it meant so much to her
and i love that it now means so much to me.
it's one of those treasures that pulls a heart string
for some reason.

day 2 was just as amazing as day 1.
i am so sad that it's over.
i was ready to go back to work
but now, that i'm home,
i'm so motivated to decorate.
i wish i had one more week off.
just one.
nope, it's back to work tomorrow.
i plan on starting my healthy lifestyle
(again, yes again)
now that i will be back into a routine.
that means a run (hopefully)
early in the a.m.

day 3 post will be coming soon
and i will hopefully post all of my finds too.

enjoy your week guys!

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  1. You and Vera need a pink "Glamper"... I can see it now!!