Tuesday, August 6, 2013

longest yard sale day 3...

day 3 of the longest yard sale
began in clarkrange, tennessee 
and ended in albany, kentucky.

we were so excited once we crossed
the kentucky border because that is exactly
how far we wanted to make it on our trip
and we did it.

day 3 was great.
probably our favorite stop the whole day
was the general store in tennessee.

inside the store there was lots of great
stuff to look at and buy.
there was also a cute little cafe that was
meant to feel like you were back in the 50's.
the hamburger was delicious also.

behind the store,
there were oodles of booths set up
filled with amazing things.
we were able to find tons of treasures at this stop.
we ended up spending a good portion of our day here.

there was no man crush for day 3
but there was defiantly a lady crush.

vera and i visited a booth filled with linens and jewelry.

you have to understand,
we are obsessed with linens and jewelry.
we are drawn to table cloths, hankies, aprons,
bracelets, and necklaces
from the past.

there was a fabulous lady that had
the most beautiful collection of these things
that vera and i had ever seen.
her prices were pretty good too.
we spent quite a while talking to her
and getting to know her.
we also both dropped a good bit
of pennies at her shop.
we couldn't help it.
we really couldn't.
i told you, we have a weakness
for those things.

there was also a man there that 
had cleared out a textile factory
and had the most incredible
collection of things.
because he had gotten all these
goodies for close to nothing,
he was selling some pretty popular items
for such awesome prices.

on day 3's stretch,
there weren't as many independent sales with
quality stuff.
we made more stops to areas
filled with multiple booths.

of course,
there was loads of other cuteness
and beautiful scenery along the route.

by the afternoon,
we were cruising around with the windows
down and the country music blaring.
i ended up just snapping pics while we
were flying down the highway.
there are so many beautiful
things that you can't possibly
stop every time you want a picture.

they actually look kind of dreamy
and i like the way they turned out.

we were lucky enough to enjoy the sunset
at a lookout point over the most beautiful lake.
it was an awesome way to end
our last day.

i must say highway 127
was so good to us.
we had the best time.

vera and i are hoping to make this a yearly trip.
it was just the best getaway.
next year, we will definitely have more people
tagging along because it is way too much 
fun to not share the experience.

i am hoping to be back soon with a post of all of my finds.


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