Saturday, September 7, 2013

operation house to home: the "formal" living room

let me apologize for the silence
here lately.
school started and since the first
day i have been running
around like a mother of sextuplets
that runs a million dollar corporation.
yes, i know, that makes no sense
but i needed a dramatic comparison.

i am back with a little room tour.
our "formal" living room.

i hate the term formal living room.
it's so fancy.
like stuffy fancy,
not good fancy.

shane and i are far from formal
so i need to come up with a new
name for this room.

before i share pics,
let me give two side notes.

i'm not thrilled about the furniture
layout in this room.
it's very square but i just
can't configure anything
else that flows or works.
so, this will do for now.

the paint color in this room
looks crazy in pics.
and i'm already tired of it.
the rest of the house is white
and this is the only room we
decided to put a color on the walls
and i am already over it.

okay now that that's out of the way,
let's get started.

we try to use this room as much as possible.
it is where i usually have my coffee.
i love reading in there,  praying, and chatting with shane.
when the girls come over,
they usually put on records and dance
all around that room.
it's a fun room to just chill.

this is a room filled with some of my favorites.
i love my granny floral chair
and the green china cabinet.
that cabinet was one of the 
very first pieces of vintage
furniture that i bought years
ago and i will always love
it just a little more than others.

the light fixture in this room is my
most favorite ever.
all of the furniture in here
was so dirt cheap too.
the chairs and coffee table
were some of my most
inexpensive finds.

the walls are also adorned with some
favorites of mine.
our caricature from chicago,
a precious photo of a happy little old couple,
and the words that were read to me
on our wedding day by the boo.

the rug in this room has changed lots
 and i'm not sure if the one that's in there now will stay.
it's from target.
the curtains are from ikea.

right now,
the mantle houses part
of my camera collection.
above the mantle,
is a blueprint copy of my parents
for my mom's prom.
i love that pic of them.
i copied the blueprint photo idea from

i am looking forward to changing up the
mantle decor seasonally.
just like the rest of the house,
i have just filled this room
with things we love.
no rhyme, no reason, no rules.
just making a home filled
with our little mementos
and memories.

most of our rooms around here
are filling up.
i'm taking part in a little
craft/vintage sale tomorrow
with two of my friends.
going to get rid of a few things
that just don't have a home here.

we ordered our new countertops
today for our kitchen so that
remodel should be starting soon.
i'm not looking forward to being under
construction again, especially during school,
but i am so ready to get our kitchen
done and make it more ours.

once the kitchen is done,
i am hoping it will inspire some sort
of plan for the dining room.
i've yet to find the perfect table
or decide what to do with that
wallpaper wall.
(you can see how empty that room
is in one of the pics above)

oh well, it will all come together.
hope you guys are having a restful weekend.

happy saturday!

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