Tuesday, October 8, 2013

tis the season

okay a month away from
this little blog is not a good thing.
i have been dying to post
but i haven't taken
pics of anything lately
and really haven't been
able to think of anything worth posting.

the pics in this post were taken in our
dark upstairs part of our house
so please excuse them.

i finally have something worth posting.
oh yeah,
a huge jackpot of a habitat trip.

when i say habitat,
i'm talking about our local
habitat for humanity store,
here in thibodaux.
i believe i have blogged about it before.
it is a thrift store that is super cheap
and all of the money that is earned
goes towards the habitat for humanity
project that builds homes for those
who can't provide them for themselves.

i try and make a stop every saturday.
it's hit or miss and you never know what
kind of little treasures you can find.
so, if i'm around the house,
i try and pop in.

this saturday, the lord was with me.
yes, the lord comes treasure hunting with me.
some like to believe that he gives through
finances or blessings, or healings,
and i believe all that,
but he definitely comes through on my
treasure hunting trips.

christmas is always on my mind way
early in the year for a few different reasons
but this year even more so because:

christmas is my most favorite ever.
it was always quite the experience
in my home growing up and it is a season
that is filled with magic for me.

it's our first christmas in our new home.

we are hosting one of our families'
christmas gatherings

our home will be in tour of homes
this year.
it is a fundraiser done through
a ministry in our church
where ladies buy tickets to tour four
homes and ours is one.

with all of that said,
i am trying to start gathering decorations
and formulating a decor plan for this place.

so, back to the habitat trip,
i headed into habitat saturday
and they had put out loads of christmas
lord, you should have seen me.
i was digging around in that place
 like an olympic gopher.
(wow that was a lame analogy.)

two of the first things i spotted 
were these wreaths and i thought my heart
would explode.

i will christmas up the quilted one
some kind of way
but they are just both so perfect.

i found lots of precious ornaments.

i mean the cuckoo clock ornaments
are to die for.
i love the little cross stitched ones too.

i also got a few little christmas village ornaments.

i bought this little angel
that is so old but so so good.

i found these really unique candles
and candle holders.
i love them and can't wait
to display them somewhere in this place.

i picked up lots of old
garland stuff to add to wreaths
and hanging garlands.

i got four old school star
tree toppers that i will add to 
vignettes and some of our trees.

all together i spend $50
and that's including a 7 1/2 foot artificial tree
that seems to be in pretty awesome condition.

i am not sure what the decor plan
is for this place but i am working on it.

we are currently up to our eyeballs
in our kitchen remodel and our house
stinks like, well something pretty stinky,
from the mud on the walls.

i am thrilled to see the kitchen
when it's done and get this huge project
 out of the way.

it's defiantly crunch time 
to finish all of our lingering
projects so that our house is ready for the tour.

but, i'm loving it because at the end of the year,
we will be pretty much done around here...
for now.


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